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Blackburn, George

Posted by MarthaCrossSargent 
Blackburn, George
February 25, 2007 07:48PM
A History of Kentucky Baptists From 1769 to 1885, Including More Than
800 Biographical Sketches, J. H. Spencer, Manuscript Revised and
Corrected by Mrs. Burilla B. Spencer, In Two Volumes. Printed For the
Author. 1886. Republished By Church History Research & Archives 1976
Lafayette, Tennessee. Vol. 2, pages 31-32. [Unknown County]

GEORGE BLACKBURN was one of those men, whose strong plodding minds
develope [sic] slowly. He was a member of Big Spring church from its
constitution in 1813, and was one of its first messengers to the Elkhorn
Association. He was ordained to the ministry in 1825. Soon after his
ordination, John Taylor wrote of him: "He is a pretty good preacher; his
delivery is not quite so ready as that of some men, but his ideas are
very good." He continued to develope [sic] his powers till he came to
be regarded as a strong preacher, and as one of the leading ministers of
his day, in Kentucky, in the benevolent enterprises of his denomination.
He was chairman of the meeting that orgaized the Kentucky Baptist
Convention in 1832, and was a member of its first executive board. He
continued to act as a member of the board till the convention was
dissolved, but his ministerial career was brief. The General
Association, at its first meeting in October, 1837, adopted the
following preamble and resolutions:
Whereas, We have learned with emotions of sorrow, that Elder
George Blackburn has finished his course and has gone to receive his
heavenly reward, Therefore
"Resolved, That we affectionately cherish the memory of our
deceased brother, and retain a vivid recollection of his zealous and
successful labors in the cause of God.
"Resolved, also, that we sympathisingly condole with the family of
brother Blackburn, in their melancholy bereavement, and with the
churches formerly enjoying his pastoral supervision, in their
deprivation of his efficient ministerial services."

Blackburn Taylor

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