Spillman, Lydia Davis, Mrs.
February 24, 2007 09:29PM
The Times of Long Ago, Barren County, Kentucky. By Franklin Gorin. John P.
Morton & Company Incorporated, 1929. Published originally in the Glasgow
Weekly Times, 1870's. pp. 97-98.

MRS. LYDIA DAVIS SPILLMAN. Mrs. Spillman was born in Virginia; was the
wife of James Spillman, a Revolutionary soldier, and was the mother of Mrs.
Josiah Moss, well known in our community, many of whose children and
grandchildren are amongst us.
Purity, Faith, Hope and Charity were hers. She adorned the christian
faith, she was as pure as purity. Her business in life was to do the will
of God; her example was that of a christian indeed.
Her soul was in charity, she collected not and distributed to her hearers
the follies and errors of her sex, with her the mantle of charity was over
She was a dutiful, kind, affectionate wife, a mother of mothers, beloved
by all that knew her.
She was a Presbyterian in faith, and in death she gave her soul to God who
gave it, and who no doubt received it. "May her soul rest in peace!"
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