Talbot, James H.
March 04, 2007 04:50PM
History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed.
by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882. p. 494.
[Bourbon County] [Paris City and Precinct]

JAMES H. TALBOT, farmer; P. O. Shawhan Station; born May 5, 1830, in
Ruddel's Mills Precinct; eldest child of Henry Talbot, who was born in
Fairfax County, Va. The grandfather of our subject was Henry Talbot;
his wife was Barbara Whaley prior to her marriage, who bore him the
following children, viz: Daniel, Reason, George, Polly Whaley, Nancy
McShane, Kittie Whaley, Henry and Charles, all of whom lived to be grown,
and raised families and lived to advanced years. Henry Talbott, the
grandfather of James H., came to this State about 1792, located in
Ruddel's Mills Precinct, remaining her until his death. The maternal
grandfather of our subject was James Frazer, whose wife's maiden name was
Catharine Hendricks; to them were born Mary, who was the mother of James
H. The Frazer family came first to Harrison County, emigrating from
Virginia about the year the Talbots came. Henry Talbot, the father of
James H., succeeded his father on the homestead, remaining here until his
death in 1840. His wife survived him until 1868. Amanda was the eldest
daughter. She married Henry Eals. Then came Charles, who was Justice of
the Peace and at one time Sheriff of the county. Catharine married
William Urmston; Mattie, A. B. Thomas; James remained at home until he was
twenty-five years of age; was married in 1855 to Mary Smith, daughter of
Michael Smith and Mary Howe, both natives of Virginia. In 1856 Mr.
Talbot located on the farm he now owns, have 160 acres, which was first
settled by one Tucker, who built a powder mill on the premises at an
early day. Mr. Talbot has given some attention to breeding short-horns
and trotting horses. Has two children: Harry and Charles S., and is a
member of the Christian Church, of which his ancestors on the Frazer
side were affiliated; on the Talbot side they were Baptists. His
grandmother, Barbara Talbot, was blind for many years prior to her death;
had an excellent memory. Of twenty grandchildren, she could name one
from the other by the sense of feeling.
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