Talbott, Charles
March 04, 2007 04:50PM
History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed.
by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882. p. 583.
[Bourbon County] [Ruddel's Mills Precinct]

CHARLES TALBOTT, farmer, P. O. RUddel's Mills; traces the genealogy of his
family back to his grandfather, Henry Talbott, who was a native of Loudoun
County, Va., but migrated to Bourbon County, Ky., as early as 1795; his
wife was a Miss Barbara Whaley, also a native of Virginia. Prior to his
removing to Bourbon County, he had purchased a tract of forest land, on
which he located and began to improve; he had a family of five sons and
three daughters, viz: Daniel, Reason, George, Harry, Charles, Mary, Nancy,
and Catharine. Mr. Talbott died about 1819, and his wife some years later;
he left a fine property, and a respected and enterprising family of
children; of these children Harry, the father of our subject, secured the
old homestead by the purchase of the other heirships; he was born Feb. 27,
1789, and was married in October, of 1828, to Miss Mary Frazer, who was
the daughter of James Frazer and his wife, whose maiden name was Hendricks;
they were of Harrison County, Ky., the Frazers formerly of Maryland, and
of Scotch descent, and the Hendricks from South Carolina. Securing the
old homestead, Harry Talbott lived but a few years to enjoy it. He died
Oct. 2, 1840, leaving a family of five children to the care and guidance
of their mother. They were named James H., Amanda F., Charles, Mary C.
and Martha H., all of whom are still living but Mary C. Mrs. Talbott was
born Jan. 22, 1802, and died Nov. 29, 1867. Charles, who was the youngest
of the sons, born Sept. 12, 1834, remained with his mother; and as the
other heirs married and moved away, he, like his father, purchased their
interests until he eventually owned the farm, that was redeemed from the
forest by his grandfather; he cared for his aged mother until her death,
in partial payment for her tender care during his childhood; in August,
1876, he was elected Sheriff of Bourbon County, and re-elected to the same
office. He has but recently returned to his farm. June 13, 1878, he was
married to Miss Fanny Glenn, daughter of John M. Glenn, a prominent citizen
of Bourbon County. Two children have been born to them: Mary, born June 1,
1879, and Anna Lee, born April 11, 1881. Mr. Talbott is a member of the
order of A.F. and A.M., and is a gentleman, who, though having gone through
two political campaigns, still maintained the honorable course of a
gentleman, and now has the respect and confidence of the most prominent
citizens of his native county.
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