Thomas, Edwin K.
March 04, 2007 04:55PM
History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed.
by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882. p. 551.
[Bourbon County] [North Middletown Precinct]

EDWIN K. THOMAS, farmer and breeder of short horn cattle, Cotswold sheep
and saddle horses; P. O. North Middletown; a native of Bourbon County and
son of John W. Thomas, whose sketch appears in another part of this work.
Ed. K. wad born August 24, 1840, and on September 13, following, he was
left motherless. Was then taken to his grandfather, John Thoas, by whom
he was raised. He was educated at the Patterson Institute at North
Middletown. On Sept. 3, 1861, Ed. K. was married to Caroline S., daughter
of Milton Jameson of Montgomery County. Caroline, after receiving a very
liberal education in her native county, was, at the age of fifteen, sent
to Daughter's College at Harrodsburg, where she finished her education.
This union was blessed with three children, one daughter, Eliza Kerr,
who died when only five years of age, and two sons, Claude M., who was born
Feb. 5, 1863, and is now a student of Princeton College, New Jersey, and
Edwin K., Jr. who was born Dec, 14, 1864, and is now at Central University,
Richmond Ky. Mr. Thomas owns 300 acres of land, upon which he has erected
one of the most handsome residences in the county, of modern architecture
and named for the place Glenwood. This is in the same yard where once
stood the house in which it is said that the grandfather of President
Lincoln lived. Mr. Thomas bought his first short horns in 1872, and from
that time has been a successful breeder. Among the prominent animals bred
by him was Airdie Thorndale, 6100 and Ellen Challenger the Fourth, both
of his Young Mary family. These two noted animals won the champion
prizes for three years in succession at the great fairs at Paris and
Lexington, Ky., an honor that has never been awarded to any other bull or
cow in the United States. He also bred the celebrated saddle horse
"Montrose" who was the recipient of like honors at the Paris fair. His
short horn herd now numbers 120 head, and for the past five years it has
won the aged herd prizes at Paris and Lexington, and four out of five of
herd prizes at each of the above places. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas are both
members of the Christian Church and he is a Democrat in politics.
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