Thomas, William, Hon.
March 04, 2007 05:00PM
HISTORY OF RUSH COUNTY, INDIANA: From the earliest time to the prsent,
with biographial sketches, notes, etc. Illustrated; Chicago: Brant &
Fuller, 1888. p. 364. Bourbon County.

HON. WILLIAM THOMAS, the pioneer whose name introduces this sketch, is a
native of Bourbon County, Ky., born April 20, 1804, son of Daniel and Sarah
Thomas, whose maiden name was Amos and who was a native of Bourbon County,
Ky., and emigrated to Rush County in the primitive days of this State, and,
here died. The father of Mr. Thomas was a native of Delaware, but in early
life emigrated to Kentucky, where he was married and in 1822, came to Rush
County. He was among the first to make settlement here and his death
occurrerd here. The subject of this biography came to Rush County in 1827,
and in 1835 settled where he resides. At that early date, the county was
one of unending wilderness. Then neighbor helped neighbor, and in 1830,
Mr. Thomas spent twenty-eight days assisting his neighbors, either raising
log cabins or rolling logs. Politically, Mr. Thomas was formerly a Whig,
but since the birth of the Republican party he has always been an ardent
supporter of its principals. [sic] In 1846, he was elected to represent
Rush County in the General Assembly of Indiana, and served in that body
during the session of 1846 and 1847, and discharged the duties with a
discreetness and judgement satisfactory to his constituents. Prior to his
election to the legislature, he was elected as one of the Associate Judges
of Rush County, but on account of the law being repealed he only served a
short time. The marriage of Mr. Thomas occurred in 1825, to Miss Margaret
Hannah, of Kentucky. By that union are these children, viz.: Wesley,
Daniel, Sarah A., Martha and William. Mrs. Thomas died in 1849, and in
1850, the subject of this memoir was united in marriage to Mrs. Sarah
Green, whose maiden name was Houston and whose death occurred in 1875. By
occupation Mr. Thomas is a farmer, though in early life he worked at the
carpenter trade for some time. He has 250 acres of good land, and for
fifty-two years has been a resident of this township. Mr. Thomas ia member
of the Methodist Church, and his life has always been above reproach, and
the respect for him is co-extensive with his acquaintance.
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