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Turner, Charles R.

Posted by ceddleman 
Turner, Charles R.
March 04, 2007 05:07PM
History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed.
by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882. p. 518.
[Bourbon County] [Millersburg Precinct]

CHARLES R. TURNER, farmer; P. O. Millersburg; born July 15, 1842, to
William and Susan A. (Sandusky) Turner; she born Dec. 16, 1820, to
Andrew and Betsey (Culver) Sandusky; she born in 1783, died in 1846,
daughter of Charles and Ellen (Shanks) Culver; he died in Maryland; his
widow came to Bourbon County with two children at an early date. Andrew
Sandusky was born Dec, 5, 1781, to James and Mary (Brown) Sandusky; were
among the very early settlers of Bourbon County. William Turner was
born Feb. 17, 1792, in Lexington, in the fort; his father was William,
born Nov. 6, 1752, in Md. The wife of the latter was Martha Ricards,
born Aug. 19, 1762; William, Jr. was the seventh child of four sons and
seven daughters, the eldest born in 1779, the youngest in 1803; two only
are now living, Charles, the youngest, a resident of Bourbon County, and
Stacy, a Mrs. Ishmel Daily, residing in Adams County, Ill. William
Turner, the father of our subject, was three times married; first to a
Miss Ricards, who died without issue; second to Sally Sandusky, who died
in 1835; by here there were three children; Martha, a Mrs. Joseph
McClelland; Mary Ellen died in childhood; Wm. A., now resident near
Kansas City, Mo. By the third marriage there were also three children,
by Susan A. Sandusky, a sister to second wife. The children were:
Elizabeth, who became the wife of Isaac Bowen, and died in 1855; Sally Lee
married Harmon Ayres, who is a prominent stock-dealer and farmer in Saline
County, Mo., and the subject of this sketch, the youngest child of Wm.,
Jr., who died April, 13, 1878, and willing the old homestead to his
youngest son, who was married Sept. 10, 1861, to Sally A. Redmon, daughter
of Thomas Jefferson and Amanda (Redmon) Redmon, residents of Paris
Precinct; they have no children. Mr. Turner remained with his parents
engaging in agriculture and mule trading, also paying some attention to
short-horns. His paternal ancestry were among the very earliest settlers
in the county, large land-holders and stood among the leading men at that
early day. His father was one of the first distillers in the county,
and sold of his first manufacturer at 12-1/2 cts. per gallon. They have
occupied the same farm since 1792, and at an early date built a house,
putting on a shingle roof, which it is supposed, was the first of that
style in the county.
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