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McDowell, Lucinda

Posted by ceddleman 
McDowell, Lucinda
March 06, 2007 04:06PM
HISTORY OF KENTUCKY, by Lewis Collins, and J.A. & U.P. James, published
1847. Reprinted by Henry Clay Press, Lexington, Ky., 1968, pp. 69-70
[Boyle county].

Judge William McDowell's daughter, Lucinda, a beautiful and cultivated
woman, with a character as elevated as her person was graceful and
lovely, married Dennis Brashear, a very handsome and well-educated man,
who died early in life, and of whom there is but little record. Their
daughter, Mary Eliza Brashear, as the second wife of Joseph Sullivant,
of Columbus, Ohio, by whom she was the mother of six children; the
oldest daughter, Lucy Madison, is the wife of General James A. Wilcox,
of Columbus, a gallant soldier in the Federal army; Pamela Sullivant,
the second daughter, described by those who know her best as a woman of
rare intellectual gifts, a brilliant conversationalist as well of strong
individuality, and who is certainly a most charming writer, is the wife
of Robert Samuel Neil, a son of one of the robust and enterprising
pioneers of Ohio, and the owner of a large stock farm near Columbus.
Lucas Sullivant, the oldest son of Joseph Sullivant and Mary Eliza
Brashear, was a professor of anatomy in the Starling Medical College, of
Columbus, and died young. Lyne Starling, the second son, entered the
Federal army at the outbreak of hostilities, and remained in it until
the close of the war. As lieutenant of ordinance, captain and major of
the One Hundred and Thirteenth Ohio Regiment, at Dallas, Chickamauga,
Kenesaw, Peach Orchard, Atlanta, and in the "March to the Sea," he
vindicated his claim to a large share of the McDowell-Madison-Taylor-
Strother blood. Pamela Brashear, the oldest daughter of Dennis Brashear
and Lucinda McDowell, married John Trotter, a son of the Captain George
Trotter who fought at Mississinewa, under Major James McDowell, and who
for gallantry was made a colonel; the mother of John Trotter was a
sister of the dintinguished statesman and orator, Governor John Pope.
Pamela Brashear had no children by this marriage with Trotter, after
whose death she married Charles Alexander, an uncle of the late "Lord"
Robert A. Alexander, and of the present A. John Alexander, of Woodburn,
Woodford county. After Dennis Brashear's death, Lucinda married
General Merrill, of Lexington.
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