Key, Green L.
March 07, 2007 08:50PM
Kentucky: A History of the State, Perrin, Battle, Kniffin, 8th ed., 1888,
Bullitt Co.

GREEN L. KEY, a prominent farmer of Bullitt County, Kentucky, was born in
that county April 22, 1824, and is a son of George L. Key, who was born
in Jefferson County in 1797. Thomas Key, the grandfather of the subject
of this sketch, came from Virginia, and was among the earliest pioneers
who settled in the State. Green L. Key's mother was Avarilla (Alexander)
Key. Green L. Key was reared on the farm and has always been engaged in
that pursuit, and is now one of the substantial farmers in the county. Of
late years he has been devoting his time to the growing of fruit, etc.;
and he has also fine deposits of granite on his farm. He was married
March 17, 1844, to Miss Minerva Chappell, a most estimable and Christian
lady, having been a life-long member of the M. E. Church, as has also Mr.
key. She died in 1887. Mr. Key, with the exception of a few years'
residence in Louisville, has always lived in Bullitt County; while in the
city he was extensively engaged as a stock dealer. Mr. Key has born in his
family eight children: Cordelia Ann, Roxunna, Sarah M., Corban M., Baxter,
Marcus L., John T., Clarence E., George W. and Hallie H., deceased. Mr.
Key owns in his home farm 300 acres.
Re: Key, Green L.
June 29, 2011 01:36AM
Hello my name is Charles H Kay III . I have been tracing my family lines on my fathers side . So far I have traced all the way from father charles H Kay JR and grandfather Charles H kay JR and to great grandfather Walter F kay and Great Great grand father Marcus L key then to Green L Key. the info you hav here is great it gives me more history. What I was woundering is when the name changed from Key to Kay. I see it changed shortlyafter the civil war. Also Found that served in the Union army from 1861 to 1865 in the 9th infantry in kentuckey. is their any more info on this. any more info on this would be helpful.
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