Smith, Charles R.
March 07, 2007 08:55PM
Kentucky: A History of the State, Perrin, Battle, Kniffin, 8th ed., 1888,
Bullitt Co.

CHARLES R. SMITH was born in Bullitt County, March 16, 1855, and is a son
of John and Cynthia (Shopton) Smith, the former born in Hardin County, the
latter a daughter of Rosen Shoptaw, of Bullitt County. Charles R. was
the fourth in a family of seven children. He was brought up on the farm
and educated in the public schools of his county. In 1878 he married Miss
Sallie Quick, daughter of William Quick, of Bullitt County. They have
four children, viz: Charles W., born December 18, 1879; Lillie M., born
March 24, 1881; Sarah L., born November 14, 1883, and Maud, born March 29,
1887. Mr. Smith farmed for a while, and then commenced traveling for a
New Albany, Ind. firm, but soon tiring of this kind of business returned
to farming, which he continued to follow.
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