Cansler, Polk
March 16, 2007 03:19PM
County of Christian, Kentucky. Historical and Biographical. Edited by
William Henry Perrin. F. A. Battey Publishing Co., 1884, pp. 356-357.

POLK CANSLER was born August 11, 1844, and is the eighth of a family of
ten children born to John and Matilda (Renshaw) Cansler; his father was
born May 3, 1800, in South Carolina, and in boyhood came to Christian
County, Ky., with his parents, James and Betsey Cansler; he married Miss
Matilda Renshaw, a native of North Carolina, but a resident of Christian
County from youth. She was born April 27, 1805, and died December 21,
1881. They were married in Missouri and their union was blessed with
ten children, viz.: Artemisia Jane, Nancy Minerva; Emily Sirena; Joab,
who died in infancy, Martin V., deceased; Marcus B., deceased; Mary M.,
James K. Polk; Selina L., deceased; and Butler Cansler. Artemisia J. is
the wife of Timothy Keys and widow of James Cooksy, Nancy M. is the wife
of W V. Croft, Emily S. is the wife of Dr. A. W. Brasher, and Mary M. is
the wife of O. J. Hamby. In October, 1861, Polk Cansler enlisted as a
soldier in the Federal Army, becoming a member of Company A, Twenty-
fifth Kentucky Regiment which was afterward consolidated with the
Seventeenth Regiment; he was honorably discharged at the expiration of
his term of enlistment in January, 1865. He participated in the battles
of Pittsburg Landing, Mission Ridge, Jonesboro, Ga., and in all of the
service incident to the Atlanta campaign. In 1875 he was appointed to
the office of Sheriff of Christian County, to fill the unexpired term of
W. L. Garth, and in the election of 1876 was the choice of the people to
fill the same position, which he did with acceptance for two years; he
has been variously connected with the business interests of the city,
and is now conducting a livery business, and owns a fine stable, which
was erected in 1882 after the big fire. This building is fire-proof,
two stories with basement and contains a commodious office and ladies'
waiting-room. Through his spirit of enterprise Mr. Cansler has opened
his stable to the stock dealers, two days in each month, for the purpose
of trading in stock, or buying and selling stock either at public
auction or private sale. This feature, though new, is meeting a felt
want, and is no longer an experiment. He was married, December 20,
1876, to Miss Elvira A., daughter of Augustus and Sidney Boales (nee
Roberts). Mrs. Cansler was born in Christian County, April 11, 1847.
Both Mr. Cansler and his wife are members of the church. They are the
parents of four children; the two elder died in infancy, and the living
are Maud and Charley Polk Cansler.

Cansler Renshaw Keys Cooksy Croft Brasher Hamby Garth Boales Roberts

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