Pike, Eugene A.
March 16, 2007 03:21PM
County of Christian, Kentucky. Historical and Biographical. Edited by
William Henry Perrin. F. A. Battey Publishing Co., 1884, pp. 395-396.
Hopkinsville City and Precinct.

EUGENE A. PIKE was born in Owensboro, Daviess County, Ky., in June, 1857.
His parents were Samuel and Zarilda A. (Gaugh) Pike, both of whom were
reared in Spencer County, Ky., near Taylorville. They were married in
Owensboro, Ky., in the year 1852, where Samuel Pike engaged at his trade -
that of cabinet-maker - and where both he and his wife died, both being
consistent members of the Catholic faith. To them were born two sons,
viz.: Eugene A. and George H. Pike, who, at the death of their parents,
were still in the tender years of childhood; too young, indeed, to
appreciate their loss, which was rendered all the more sad in consequence
of being left with no fortune, save the characteristics inherited from
their parents. They were, however, fostered by relatives of their mother;
and with the meager estate left them, defrayed the expenses of their early
education, they in the meantime serving as store boys in Owensboro. In
1877, feeling a desire to increase his chances for advancement, Eugene
left Owensboro, and accepted a position on the clerk staff of the
Louisville Hotel, in the city of Louisville, which position he filled with
acceptance until October, 1879, when he removed to Hopkinsville, where,
for a time, he engaged in clerical work. By his industry he soon acquired
money, which enabled him to engage in business for himself. He is now the
proprietor of the European Hotel on Bridge Street, where his time and
money are spent in his efforts to dispense comforts and kind attention to
his many guests. In October, 1883, Mr. Pike was united in marriage with
Miss Rossie T. MacKenzie, of Nashville, Tenn., whose presence adds much to
the grace and attractions of his house. She was born in November, 1861,
in Wilmington, N. C., and is a daughter of James MacKenzie and Fannie J.
McGready; the former born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1827, and the latter in
Londonderry, Ireland, in 1832. George H. Pike, the younger brother of
Eugene A., has spent several years in the "art preservative of all arts"
in the States of Kentucky and Illinois - the Muhlenburg [sic] Echo, a
sterling Democrat organ of the town of Greenville, Ky., and which
flourished under his management, being his latest effort in this line. On
account of failing health he abandoned this field of labor and now
efficiently presides over the office of the European Hotel.
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