Morris, Maurice H.
March 16, 2007 03:25PM
County of Christian, Kentucky. Historical and Biographical. Edited by
William Henry Perrin. F. A. Battey Publishing Co., 1884, p. 390.

MAURICE H. MORRIS was born June 27, 1828, in Bourbon County, Ky., where he
resided until moving to Christian County in 1870. His father, John Morris,
was born February 10, 1793, near Paris, Bourbon County, where he was three
times married. The second wife, mother of our subject, was Elizabeth,
daughter of David and Winifred Bowles, and widow of John Payne. They had
two children, of whom Maurice H. was the elder. John Morris died in
Robertson County August 20, 1872, and his wife Elizabeth died in 1831, at
their home near the old Cane Ridge Church in Bourbon County. Maurice H.
Morris was married November 18, 1852, near Paris, to Mary, daughter of John
M. and Susan (Currant) Layson. She was born December 28, 1835, in Bourbon
County, and descends from the famous "Giant Family," so noted for their
extreme height and weight, as well as for their sterling worth as citizens.
Mr. and Mrs. Morris are the parents of ten children: John M., William I.,
Edwin A., Jess H., Perry M., Susan E., Bob T., Emma M., Rodman and Samuel
G. H. W. Morris. William I. and Susan E. are deceased, the former leaving
a wife Mary V. Morris (nee Hayes), and one son named Claude F., now living.
In 1870 Mr. Morris settled in Mount Vernon Precinct on the dairy farm of
P. A. Cushman, but in 1883 removed to his present residence in Hopkinsville
precinct, near the city of Hopkinsville. Mr. Morris is an honorable,
industrious man, and has served the county for some years as a Magistrate.
He is chiefly engaged in the dairy business, with which he combines
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