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Cotrell, Ernest Overton

Posted by MarthaCrossSargent 
Cotrell, Ernest Overton
March 16, 2007 03:25PM
1844-1943" by Wendell H. Rone. Probably published in 1944 by
Messenger Job Printing Co., Inc., Owensboro, Kentucky, pp. 378-380.
Used by permission. [Christian]

ERNEST OVERTON COTTRELL: Ernest O. Cottrell was born on October 30,
1876, in Daviess County on the Leitchfield Road about two and one
half miles from Owensboro, and is the third son born to James
Harrison Cottrell and Mary Kate Dawson. He is a great-grandson of
Elder Reuben Cottrell, founder of the First Baptist Church of
Our subject was converted in a meeting held by Dr. J. S. Felix
at the Mission of the First Baptist Church located at Sixth and
Center Streets late in he year 1888 and was baptized into the
fellowship of the First Baptist Church by Dr. Felix. He was one of
the 491 who withdrew from the First Church to organize the Third
Baptist Church in the year 1896 and is therefore a charter member of
the last mentioned Church.
For several years he had impressions of a call to the ministry
but did not yield to the call until May, 1900, in connection with a
meeting held by Dr. Len G. Broughton of Atlanta, Georgia, when he
preached on "Living In The Perfect Will of God". Our brother was
licensed to preach by the Third Baptist Church on August 28, 1901.
He was ordained by this same Church on December 27, 1904, with Elders
W. D. Nowlin, E. H. Maddox, B. F. Jenkins, T. E. Jasper, H. E. Gabby,
R. T. Bruner, and Dr. J. J. Taylor of Georgetown College serving as
the presbytery. Dr. J. J. Taylor preached the ordination sermon from
Luke 4:18.
He quit school after completing the sixth grade and went to
work in a tobacco factory in Owensboro. When he yielded to the call
to preach, he held the position of foreman of the "picking room". He
also had experience as a clerk in a general and grocery store. He
entered the "prep department" of Georgetown College in the fall of
1900 and after a year and a half he dropped out and worked for a time
with the engineering department of the city of Owensboro in street
construction work. He returned to Georgetown College in 1904 and
continued until June, 1907. He served Great Crossing Church near
Georgetown, Kentucky, from January, 1905, to September, 1907, with
great success. After the last mentioned date he entered the Southern
Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Upon entering the Seminary, it was
learned that he was available for supply and pastoral work, and as a
result, Elder W. H. Dawson, whose health was failing, had him to come
and supply for the Yellow Creek Church the second Saturday and Sunday
in December, 1907. Brother Dawson was present at the Saturday
service which was the last public service he was privileged to
attend. Brother Cottrell continued to supply for him at Yellow Creek
and Maceo until his death in March, 1908, when he became pastor of
these Churches. He continued as pastor of the Yellow Creek and Maceo
Churches until July, 1911, and June, 1912, respectively. He served
Sorgho Church from December, 1910, to March, 1912; Glenville Church
from May, 1909, to March, 1910; Macedonia Church from August to
December, 1910; and the Chestnut Grove Church from September, 1908,
to January, 1911.
He was clerk of the Daviess County Association in the period
1908-1911, preached the annual sermon in 1911, organized and served
as the first president of the Associational [sic] Sunday School
Convention, and served acceptably as the clerk of the District
Mission Board. He served as editor of the Daviess County Baptist for
some time and the paper was later discontinued after he left the
Association. He became a member of the State Board of Missions in
1912 and held this position for several years. He was elected as one
of the Assistant Moderators of the General Association in 1914.
He has served as pastor of the Cloverport, Guthrie, Second
Church at Hopkinsville, Earlington, and Adairville Churches. He
organized the Walnut Street Church in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, in 1931
and remained as pastor through the year 1935. His pastorates have
all been successful. He has served as Moderator of the Bethel
Association and preached the annual sermon before that body. After
doing supply and evangelistic work for some time he located at
Jasper, Tennessee, in September, 1939, and has since served two one-
half time Churches in that territory. The Jasper Church has recently
adopted full time work.
He was united in marriage to Miss Eulah Bernice Miller.
daughter of E. Oscar Miller and Merab J. Thrasher Miller, on June 16,
1909. She had taught for eight years in the public schools of
Owensboro and in the Sunday School of the Third Baptist Church. She
has been very active through the years in Church and Associational
[sic] work and has been a worthy helpmate to her husband. They have
two daughters; Dorothy Ellsworth and Virginia Miller, both of whom are
graduates of Bethel Woman's College, Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Miss
Dorothy served as a teacher in the Senior High School at Owensboro,
Kentucky, from 1931 to 1943. She has been Mrs. Walter M. Price since
January, 1942. Miss Virginia is now Mrs. Herbert McMath of
Louisville, Kentucky.
Brother Cottrell has been a useful preacher and a successful
pastor and has accomplished a lasting work wherever he has labored.
He is a Baptist of the old school and takes Pride in the fact that he
is an ardent admirer of the late Dr. B. H. Carroll, the "Spurgeon of
Texas". He is still very active after spending almost forty years in
the Baptist Ministry.

Cottrell Dawson Felix Broughton Nowlin Maddox Jenkins Jasper Gabby
Bruner Taylor Miller Thrasher Ellsworth Price McMath Carroll
Daviess Georgetown-Scott-KY Louisville-Jefferson-KY Glenville-McLean-KY
Cloverport-Breckinridge-KY TN Earlington-Hopkins-KY Adairville-Logan-KY

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