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Meacham, Charles Mayfield

Posted by ceddleman 
Meacham, Charles Mayfield
March 16, 2007 03:30PM
Memorial Record of Western Kentucky, Volume I and Volume II, Lewis
Publishing Company, 1904, pp. 17-19. Christian Co.


Prominent among journalists, newspaper editors and publishers of
Kentucky, is Charles Mayfield Meacham. He was born in Gracey,
Kentucky, June 14, 1858. He is descended from an old and prominent
Kentucky family. The first ancestor of the Meacham family of whom
there is any reliable information, was William Meacham, who lived in
Chatham county, North Carolina, prior to the Revolutionary war. It is
uncertain whether the name is of Irish or English origin, but more
probably the latter. The progenitor of the family in America came to
this continent at a very early date.
William Meacham was born about 1720, and was an old man when
American independence was declared. His wife was named Elizabeth,
called Betsy, and they reared a large family of children, among whom
there were William, Joseph, James, John, Jesse and George. Of these
William, Joseph, James, John and George went west from North Carolina,
and their descendants are both numerous and well scattered throughout
the states. Joseph and William married sisters, whose name was West.
Joseph and John about 1792 came to Kentucky and settled in Christian
county, but later John removed to Montgomery county, Tennessee.
Joseph was about forty or forty-five years old when he settled in
Kentucky. His eldest son, Edmund, who came with him, had married Miss
Richardson. Joseph was probably born about 1750. He was a soldier in
the Revolutionary war. He reared a large family, eight sons and one
daughter, namely, Edmund, Willis, Jeremiah, Andrew, Joseph, West and
Wyatt (twins), Jonathan and Sinah. Edmund was twice married. His
second wife was a Calvin. He has many descendants in Christian
county, Kentucky. Willis was a Baptist preacher. Jeremiah was
married three times and had thirteen children. Andrew was also a
Baptist preacher but years ago removed to Illinois. Joseph was born
in Christian county, Kentucky, in 1794. He moved to Illinois and died
there about 1845. West died in childhood. Jonathan lived to be a
young man and married, but died without issue. Sinah, the daughter,
married Mr. Spurlin, but died without issue.
Wyatt Meacham, son of Joseph and Molly (West) Meacham, was a twin
brother of West Meacham. He was born in Christian county, Kentucky,
in 1798. In 1817 he married Ellen Robinson, a daughter of Abner
Robinson, and granddaughter of James Robinson, a soldier in the
Revolutionary war. To Wyatt and Ellen Meacham were born three
children, two sons and one daughter. He died in 1876 and she in 1878.
Their descendants all reside in Christian county, Kentucky.
Their oldest son, Rev. Abner Winchester Meacham, was born in this
county, February 13, 1818, and died at his home in Gracey, Kentucky,
December 11, 1902. He was ordained as a Baptist minister in 1838, and
in 1898, after sixty years spent in the ministry, he retired from
active work. He married Marian Lander in 1855 and settled at Gracey,
Kentucky. He reared six children, namely: Robert T., born in 1856 and
died in 1883; Charles Mayfield Meacham, the immediate subject of this
sketch; Mollie H., who married T.E. Bartley; James Parrish Meacham;
Victoria, who married T.J. Baynham; and Lander Meacham.
Charles M. Meacham was educated in the schools of Hopkinsville,
receiving a fair high school education. He studied law, and in 1879
was admitted to the bar, but about that time he became involved in
newspaper work, and soon became owner and publisher of the
"Kentuckian", of Hopkinsville. He gave up the practice of law after a
brief time that he might give full time to newspaper work. Since 1883
he has published and edited the "Kentuckian" as a semi-weekly paper.
As a journalist he has gained an enviable reputation but no more so
than as an "after-dinner speaker." He is enjoyed both as a writer and
speaker because of his wit and humor. In 1893 Mr. Meacham was
president of the Kentucky State Newspaper Association, and for some
eight or nine years has been the Kentucky national committeeman of the
National Editorial Association.
He has long been prominent in the Democratic party, but has held
none other than minor offices. He is a Master Mason, a Knight of
Pythias and a member of the Baptist church. In 1883 Mr. Meacham
married Miss Lizzie E. Tandy, and they have three sons, Rodman Y.,
Charles M., Jr., and Ralph Tandy Meacham.
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