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Gant, Joseph K.

Posted by MarthaCrossSargent 
Gant, Joseph K.
March 16, 2007 04:05PM
County of Christian, Kentucky. Historical and Biographical. Edited by
William Henry Perrin. F. A. Battey Publishing Co., 1884, pp. 371-372.

JOSEPH K. GANT (deceased) was born in May, 1827, in Christian County,
where his parents, who were among the early settlers, had resided for
many years. He received his education, which was fair, in the schools
of Hopkinsville, up to the age of fifteen years. When eighteen years
old he entered into partnership with his father, as merchant. When his
father retired from business, which was in about 1848 or 1850, he took
his place, and for several years carried on business at his father's old
stand, and did a large and lucrative trade; he also engaged in farming.
He was a man of quick perceptive faculties, urbane and kind in his
manners and disposition, and attracted patronage in whatever business he
undertook; he was a man of fine mental and physical endowments, of
courage and resolute purpose, and of indomitable will and untiring
energy. Everything he undertook was pushed forward with resolution and
upon as large a scale as his circumstances would permit; he did a large
business as merchant, as farmer, and in later years as warehouseman or
commission merchant in Hopkinsville; he was a remarkably good judge of
human nature, and seldom failed in judging correctly of men's motives.
To this, as well as to his extensive acquaintance, was he largely
indebted for the success he met with in his business enterprises; he was
a man of strong attachments for his friends, and perhaps no man ever
lived who had more affection and concern for his family. When he
confined himself to his business, with which he was familiar, few men
were as successful; when he struck out into new fields, his boldness and
confidence were apt to carry him too far. For many years he exercised
as much influence upon the business affairs of the county as any man who
ever lived within its borders; he was a leader in everything he
undertook, was public-spirited, was in favor of progress and
development, and ever ready to subscribe as liberally as his means would
permit, to any enterprise for general improvement and withal gave to
poor and to charities generously. The portrait of Mr. Gant is on a page


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