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Garnett, John P.

Posted by MarthaCrossSargent 
Garnett, John P.
March 16, 2007 04:06PM
Memorial Record of Western Kentucky, Lewis Publishing Company, 1904,
pp 724-726 [Christian]

JOHN P. GARNETT is one of the best known residents of Pembroke,
Christian county, Kentucky, of which county he is a native and where
he has spent the best years of his life engaged in agricultural
pursuits, by which he has made a worthy success and become
prosperous and influential among his fellow-citizens.
He was born three miles from Pembroke on January 16, 1841, a
son of Eldred Brockman Garnett, who was born in Albemarle county,
Virginia, May 10, 1813. His grandfather, James Garnett, was also a
native of Albemarle county, Virginia, and in 1821 came to Christian
county, Kentucky, being one of the first settlers, when the country
around was an expanse of virgin forest. He died on the old
homestead farm in March, 1844, and was buried on the part of the
farm which is now known as Rosedale cemetery. He was a prominent
man in the community. He was a member of the old Baptist church of
Bethel, which was built in 1816 and is still standing. He was a
Whig in politics, but had been an acquaintance of Thomas Jefferson.
Eldred B. Garnett was but eight years old when he came to
Christian county, and was reared to manhood on the farm. He was a
member of the Baptist church, and a Whig adherent until the war. He
married Frances A. Pendleton, a member of the distinguished
Pendleton family of Virginia. She was born in Spottsylvania county,
Virginia, the native county of George Washington, and died May 12,
1903, at the great age of ninety-three years, two months and twelve
days. She and her husband reared a family of five children: Mrs.
Dr. R. W. Morehead, of Princeton, Kentucky; Professor Virgil A.
Garnett, who died November 16, 1899; William W., a prominent banker
of Pembroke; John P.; and Hon. James B., of Cadiz, Trigg county, who
was state senator for four years and commonwealth's attorney for
eighteen consecutive years.
John P. Garnett, the fourth child and third son is his father's
family, was reared on the farm on which he was born. He received
his advanced education in the college in Russelllville, Kentucky.
He left the farm in 1866 and engaged in the mercantile business,
which he continued until 1890, after which he returned to his farm
on one hundred and twenty acres, part of which lies in the
corporation of Pembroke. He spends most of his time now in tending
to his flowers and performing the lighter duties of farm life.
Mr. Garnett was married to Miss Rosa L. Lacey, who was born in
Christian county, June 4, 1852, a daughter of D. and Elizabeth
(Mosley) Lacey. She died June 8, 1890, having been the mother of
three children: Mary A., the wife of Eugene Kelley, of Pembroke;
Sarah W.; and Annie R. March 4, 1891, Mr. Garnett was married to
Miss Sue M. Trimble, who was born in Trigg county, Kentucky, June 1,
1860, a daughter of S. Y. and Mary E. (Moorehead) Trimble.
Mr. Garnett is a deacon in the Pembroke Baptist church, and as
one of the prominent members takes an active part in religious work.
He is a Cleveland Democrat, and was postmaster of Pembroke for
eighteen years, until he resigned. He is a stockholder and director
in the Pembroke and Hopkinsville banks. He is a well informed man,
and keeps himself posted on general matters by constant reading.
When a young man he was in the habit of writing some clever and good
verses, and was a contributor to the papers in Louisville and in his
county. The first Confederate general to fall in the Civil war was
General Robert Selden Garnett, a relative of Mr. Garnett. Dr. A. Y.
S. Garnett, another connection, was one of the chief surgeons of the
Confederate army, and General Richard B. Garnett was killed at
Gettysburg while in command of his brigade. Muscoe R. Garnett was a
member of congress from Virginia and a member of the first Confederate
congress. The Garnetts came originally from England,
and Virginia was their principal seat in this country, where many
others besides those mentioned were high in political, social and
business life.

Garnett Pendleton Morehead Lacey Mosley Kelley Trimble
Albermarle-VA Spotsylvania-VA Caldwell-KY Trigg-KY England

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