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Haggard, Audley

Posted by MarthaCrossSargent 
Haggard, Audley
March 16, 2007 02:14PM
History of Kentucky, five volumes, edited by Judge Charles Kerr,
American Historical Society, New York & Chicago, 1922, Vol. V, p. 330,
Clark County

AUDLEY HAGGARD. In Clark County members of the Haggard family have been
prominent in agriculture and other affairs for several generations. The
home of Audley Haggard seven miles south of Winchester stands on the
highest elevation in the county, with a wide range of view, the lights
of the City of Richmond, county seat of Madison County, being within
vision at night. This farm was once owned by David Haggard, grandfather
of Frank Haggard, the attorney.
Henry Rider Haggard, the distinguished English novelist (who claims
"kin" with the Haggards of Clark County) is authority for the statement
that the Haggard family are descended from Andrew Ogard of Denmark, who
settled in County Norfolk, England, in the year 1433, was naturalized
there, and was knighted by King Henry VII. Though they have made no
effort to trace the connection the Haggards of Clark County are
certainly descended from this Sir Andrew Ogard, whose name was
anglicized into Haggard.
So far as is known the first Haggard to come to America was James
Haggard, who had been educated for the Episcopal ministry in England,
and came to Norfolk, Virginia, in 1698, being then not yet twenty-one
years old. He taught school in Norfolk for years and eventually married
one of his pupils, whose name has not descended. They had four sons,
Nathaniel, Edmund, Zachary and Gray. It is only with Nathaniel that
this sketch has to do.
Nathaniel Haggard was born November 21, 1723, and married Elizabeth
Gentry. They settled in Albemarle County, Virginia, and in 1788 they
went to Kentucky, settling three miles south of where Winchester now
stands and where George W. Haggard now lives, in the same house, which
is undoubtedly the oldest building of any kind in the county. Nathaniel
Haggard died August 21, 1820, at the ripe age of ninety-seven years. He
raised a family of seven sons and three daughters. All of his children
were born in Virginia, and some of them never settled in Clark County.
Those of them who did were : (1) John Haggard, born in 1754, married
Mary Shepherd. They settled about eight miles south of Winchester, and
raised four sons and four daughters - Pleasant, who married a Miss
Watts; Martin, who married Sallie Hampton; John, who married Rhoda
Quisenberry, daughter of Rev. James Quisenberry; David T., who married
Patsey Adams; Polly who married Minor Winn; Elizabeth, who married Joel
Quisenberry, son of Rev. James Quisenberry; Sallie who married Jessie
Hampton; and Nancy, who married David Reed. David T. Haggard was the
father of Judge Augustine I. Haggard and grandfather of Judge Rodney
Haggard. (2) Rev. James Haggard (Baptist minister) born 1759, married
Betsey Gentry, in 1790 settled in Clark County, but in 1816 removed to
Christian County, Kentucky. (3) Bartlett Haggard, born in 1763 married
Martha Dawson, and in 1788 they settled in Clark County, Kentucky. They
had two sons, Martin who married Elizabeth Dane, and Allen Dawson, who
married Frances Haggard, daughter of Pleasant Haggard. (4) David
Haggard, born in 1763, married Nancy Dawson, and in 1792 they settled in
Clark County, Kentucky, but in 1823 they removed to Trigg County,
Kentucky, and in 1836 to Bloomington, Illinois. Their daughter, Martha
Haggard, was born in Clark County in 1795, and married John Routt, of
the same county, and they went to Illinois. Their son, John L. Routt,
was several times governor of Colorado. Bartlett and David Haggard were
twins and married sisters (5) Nathan Haggard great-grandfather of Audley
Haggard born in 1765, married Elizabeth Hayes, and they settled in Clark
County in 1788. They had four sons and three daughters, as follows:
Martin, William, John, David, Polly (who married Spencer Holloway),
Nancy (who married James Hanson) and Eliza (who married Dennis Doyle.)
This family were all Baptists and most of them were members of
Providence Church at "the old stone meeting house."
At one time there were three David Haggards in Clark County, all
first cousins. One of them was David, the grandfather of Audley
Haggard. He was born July 28, 1812, and died December 14, 1880. His
home was three miles southwest of Winchester, at the present Jeff Tevis
farm, and he spent his last days there and was buried at Smithfield.
His wife was Temperance Hodgkin, born December 28, 1811, and died April
28, 1883. Of David and Temperance Haggard the children were: James P.,
who [is] in Shelby County; Samuel of Arkansas; Charles P. of Winchester;
Mildred, a twin sister of Charles P., who married Doctor Morris and
lived at Sulphur, Kentucky; Betty, who died in Henry County, the wife of
Paschal Maddox; and Barbara, who married John Austin and is deceased.
Charles P. Haggard, father of Audley Haggard, married for his first
wife, Edith Elkin, daughter of Enoch and Ann Polly (Quisenberry) Elkin.
Her mother was a daughter of Roger Quisenberry, who was born November
23, 1792, and died March 29, 1877, while his wife, Polly, was born
October 10, 1795, and died January 30, 1866. The old home of Enoch
Elkin is now owned by Joe Carroll of the Boonesboro Pike. A brother of
Edith Elkin was Doctor Elkin, who died at Louisville. None of the
Elkins remain in Clark County. Enoch Elkin, born January 30, 1803, died
at the age of sixty-one, on July 12, 1864. His first wife Ann P.
Quisenberry, was born April 24, 1814, and died January 8, 1878. They
were married February 17, 1831. The Elkins were one of the very wealthy
families of the county, and Enoch Elkin was a prominent dealer in mules
for many years. Edith Elkin died four years after her marriage, leaving
two sons, Audley and Morris. The latter is a farmer and merchant at
Somerset, Kentucky. Both these sons were reared by their stepmother,
who was one of the very best of women and a real mother to them.
Charles P. Haggard soon after his marriage moved to Monroe County,
Missouri, where his wife died. He then returned and became a partner of
Sam P. Hodgkin. About 1902 he
bought the farm now owned by his son Audley. This farm had been given
by another David Haggard to his daughter Frankie, who married Nathan
Lipscomb. Mrs. Lipscomb's daughter, Nannie May Lispscomb, became the
second wife of Charles P. Haggard. At the death of Mrs. Lipscomb the
farm was sold to Charles P. Haggard, his wife having an interest in it.
After three years of residence on the farm Charles P. Haggard moved to
Winchester, where his wife died the same year. At that time Charles
bought out the grocery business of his son Morris at Winchester, and is
still one of the active merchants of that city.
Audley Haggard's chief farm comprises a splendid property in the
Blue Grass section, and he also owns a half interest in the adjoining
On November 14, 1906, Audley Haggard married Sudie Ecton, a
daughter of Woody and Mollie (Allan) Ecton. The children of Audley
Haggard and wife are Morris Allan, Marion Elkin and Audley, Jr. Mr.
Haggard is an active member and a deacon of the Mount Olive Baptist

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Hanson Hayes Hodgkin Holloway Lipscomb Maddox Morris Ogard Reed Routt
Quisenberry Shepherd Watts Winn
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