D'Spain, Alonzo Lynn
March 15, 2007 09:25PM
Text from Scott, Laurence W. (editor), Texas Pulpit by Christian
Preachers. St. Louis: Christian Publishing Company, 1888. Pages 377-378.
This online edition © 1996, James L. McMillan. Used by permission.
Cumberland County.

ALONZO LYNN D'SPAIN was born in Burksville, Ky., April 10th, 1843. His
mother died when he was quite young, and his father, B. L. D'Spain, an
eminent pioneer preacher, remarried and moved to Texas, where he landed in
January, 1852. Alonzo was baptized during a revival, at the tender age of
nine; but after arriving at maturity was dissatisfied, and finally
dismissed all doubts by being baptized understandingly in July, 1865. He
was led to obedience through the preaching of Dr. Thomas Barrett and
Franklin Bearden.

Jan. 1st, 1866, he celebrated his happiest New Year by being married to
Miss Mary E. Vaden, of Hopkins county, where he settled and lived many
years, supporting his family by farming, teaching, and practicing

He began to preach the gospel in the year 1874. He has had wonderful
success as an evangelist, baptizing about thirty during his first
protracted meeting, which was held in Delta county. He has since held good
meetings in the counties of Hopkins, Hunt, Fannin, Lamar, Grayson, Hood,
Parker, Johnson, Tarrant and Palo Pinto. The writer has been present at
several of his meetings, and greatly enjoyed his clear, convincing
preaching, and charming singing. During his long residence in Hopkins
county, it could be truly said of Bro. D'Spain:

"None knew him but to love him,
None named him, but to praise."

In 1883 he moved to Thorp's Springs, Hood county, where he now resides.

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