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McGee, Granville B.

Posted by MarthaCrossSargent 
McGee, Granville B.
March 15, 2007 09:26PM
KENTUCKY: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin & Kniffin, 4th ed., 1887
Cumberland Co.

GRANVILLE B. McGEE was born November 25, 1829. His father, Jacob McGee,
born in Wayne County, Ky., in 1806, was a farmer and was married in 1824 to
Miss Sarah Jones, a daughter of Landy and Lucy (Farrow) Jones, both born
near Richmond, Va. To this marriage were born five children: Julia Ann,
wife of William Eston; Elizabeth, who died in infancy; Granville B.; Jane,
wife of Henry Lawhon, and Jacob. Jacob, father of Granville B. and Jacob,
died in 1834; his wife still living in the seventy-eighth year of her age
(1886). John McGee, grandfather of of Granville and Jacob McGee, was also
a native Virginian, who came in a very early time of Kentucky's
colonization to Wayne County, Ky., where he lived all his life, and after
his death his widow, Miss Elizabeth Cox before marriage, moved with the
family of ten children to Fentress County, Tenn. The names of his children
are Robert, William, Samuel, John, Jacob, James, Hannah, wife of Samuel
Hinds; Jane, wife of John Martin; Polly, wife of David Cox, and Rachel,
wife of John Moss, of whom Mrs. Rachel Moss alone is living. The
great-grandfather of Granville B. McGee, with his wife, came from old
Ireland and settled in Virginia, where he lived and died. Landy Jones,
maternal grandfather of Mr. McGee, was a man of wealth in Virginia, but by
unsuccessful trading lost most of his property, and on the death of his
wife returned to the Old Dominion. His son, Meriweather L. Jones, a
maternal uncle of Granville B. McGee, was a Baptiist minister of great
notoriety in Virginia, and the Jones family are of English origin.
Granville B. McGee, a native of Cumberland County, Ky., was four years old
when his father died. His early training was all in the direction of
agriculture, and he was hired a great part of the time to do farm work at
25 and 30 cents per day. The two sons left Mrs. Sarah McGee had the care
of the family, and the partners in youth and adversity have continued to be
partners in prosperity. At the age of thirty-three Mr. McGee was married
to Miss Margaret Dixon, a daughter of William J. and Elizabeth (Neely)
Dixon, of Cumberland County, Ky, and in six short weeks after marriage
death entered his new home and took from him his wife. She was is the
eighteenth year of her age. On May 3, 1871, Mr. McGee was married to Miss
Ellen Martin, a daughter of Nelson and Mary J. (Hickey) Martin, natives of
Warren County, Ky. This marriage has been blessed by six children: Jacob,
William, Frank, Robert, Mary Bowman and James L., of whom Frank and William
are now dead. Until 1865 Mr. McGee and his brother Jacob farmed in
partnership, but since that time have been engaged in farming and general
merchandising in Burkesville, Ky, together, with considerable success. In
October, 1885, they admitted into the business John Q. Alexander, and the
style of the firm is McGee Brothers & Co., with a capital of $15,000, and
they do a thriving business of $30,000 worth of sales per annum. Mr. and
Mrs. Granville B. McGee are both members of the Christian Church. In
addition to merchandising, McGee Bros. & Co. own four valuable farms in
Cumberland County, Ky., aggregating 1,225 acres. Jacob McGee, in October,
1856, was married to Miss Nancy Johnson, a daughter of James L. and ______
(Wilson) Johnson, natives of Adair County, Ky., and there were born to them
five children: John Q., James, Mary T., wife of John Q. Alexander, and two
who died in infancy. Mrs. McGee, who was a member of the Christian Church
in life, died in 1866. In 1867 Mr. Jacob McGee married Mrs. Sarah
(Williams) Baker, and they are the parents of seven children: Elva, Leslie,
Curtis, Charles, Jacob, Hattie and Effie. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob McGee are
both members of the Christian Church.

McGee Jones Farrow Eston Lawhon Cox Hinds Martin Moss Dixon Neely Hickey
Martin Alexander Johnson Wilson Williams Baker
Wayne-KY Warren-KY Adair-KY Fentress-TN VA Ireland

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