Miller, James C.
March 15, 2007 06:01PM
1844-1943" by Wendell H. Rone. Probably published in 1944 by
Messenger Job Printing Co., Inc., Owensboro, Kentucky, p. 469.
Used by permission. [Daviess]

DEACON JAMES C. MILLER: James C. Miller was born on August 26, 1830,
near Masonville, in Daviess County, Kentucky, and was the eldest of
eight children born to Fleming and Sallie Crawford Miller. Our
subject married Miss Amy S. Miller on January 23, 1852. After their
marriage he settled on the old homestead with his father one year;
then moved to a farm in Ohio County above Whitesville. His wife died
in July, 1854, leaving one daughter, Sallie C., who became the wife of
Dr. J. C. Sutton of Hardinsburg Kentucky. After the death of his
wife he returned to Daviess County with his aged father, who lived
with him, and here he married Miss Frances Y. Haynes, a daughter of
Josiah and Frances Howard Haynes. After his second marriage Bro.
Miller settled again on his farm in Ohio County and remained until
1870, when he removed to Daviess County and settled on a farm nearer
to Whitesville. He remained here until 1877, when he purchased the
old homestead farm near Masonville and moved there to spend the
remainder of his earthly life. Seven children were born to the last
Brother Miller became a Christian early in life and united with
the Bethabara Church. He later moved his membership to the old
Panther Creek Church in Ohio County and still later he became a
member of the Whitesville Church, probably about the year 1855. He
served this Church as Clerk from January, 1857, to March, 1877. In
July, 1860, he was ordained as a deacon and continued to serve in
this office until March, 1877, when he moved his membership to the
Bethabara Church. By this last mentioned Church he was recognized as
a deacon and continued to serve in this capacity until his death in
1891. From the year 1857 to the year 1887 he was present at every
Associational gathering and served on some important committees.

Miller Crawford Sutton Haynes Howard

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