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Timberlake, Ivison Brooks

Posted by MarthaCrossSargent 
Timberlake, Ivison Brooks
March 15, 2007 08:53PM
1844-1943" by Wendell H. Rone. Probably published in 1944 by
Messenger Job Printing Co., Inc., Owensboro, Kentucky, pp. 354-355.
Used by permission. [Daviess]

IVISON BROOKS TIMBERLAKE: This lamented brother was born in Richmond,
Virginia, on July 15, 1853. After his graduation from the University
of Richmond in 1885 he entered the Southern Baptist Theological
Seminary in Louisville completing his studies in 1887. He was
ordained by the Cloverport Baptist Church on August 15, 1886. He had
previously been called to serve this Church and the Church at
Brandenburg, Kentucky, in March of the same year. His pastorate with
these churches continued two years. He was then called to the First
Church of New Albany, Indiana, where he remained until 1892. From
then until the year 1912 he served the Churches at Richmond, Ky.,
Nicholasville, Ky., Salem, Ind., and Calvary Church in the city of
Evansville. The last mentioned pastorate was from 1906 to 1912.
In the latter part of the year 1912 he moved to Owensboro,
Kentucky, and began to serve churches in this and adjoining counties.
From first to last he served the Whitesville, Yellow Creek, South
Hampton, Dawson, Bethabara, and Livermore Churches, all [sic] between
the years 1912 and 1923. After the last mentioned date he was in
retirement. For several years he made his home with the W. R. Bates
family at 521 St. Ann Street, and his church membership was with the
First Baptist Church. After a six weeks illness with dropsy he
finally died on February 19, 1928, at the age of seventy-four. He is
buried in the Bates family plot in Elmwood Cemetery, Owensboro,
Brother Timberlake never married. He was highly recognized as a
pulpit orator of power and attracted growing congregations wherever he
went. He was also a poet of no mean ability and wrote words to a
number of hymns. He also wrote numerous tracts, pamphlets, and
articles for the religious and secular press.
On October 10, 1917, he wrote the following as "Timberlake's
Rules for Living:" "Love nature and listen to advice with an open
heart. Never get in a hurry. Be cautious. Keep your wits about you.
Preserve and develop staying qualities. Never misrepresent. Place
yourself in the other fellow's place. Meditate on one thing at a
time. Do everything completely. Consider before speaking. Control
the body. Force yourself to action, never be idle. Don't eat too
much. Be polite and kind no matter to whom. Carry out your plans
yourself. Have lots of reserve and grit. Never fear anything.
Invite difficult things; never shirk them. Be earnest, correct, and
contented. Have a clear conscience. Pay your debts."
Brother Timberlake preached the Annual Sermon before the
Association in 1920.

Timberlake Bates
VA IN Meade-KY

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