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Steel, Richard

Posted by MarthaCrossSargent 
Steel, Richard
March 14, 2007 10:37PM
Taken from old clippings dealing with Kentucky family history, newspaper
unknown. These clippings are about 100 years old (1997). Reprinted in
Kentucky Explorer, Volume 12, Number 4 - September, 1997. p. 98. Fayette

Richard Steele emigrated from Ireland, and settled at Mercerburg,
Pennsylvania, where he died. He married Rebecca Makemie, and had eight
children. His widow, her son Richard, and her daughters Jane and Mary,
moved to Kentucky in 1779, settling first on Corn Island, next in a fort
just back of Louisville, and finally on farms near Lexington. Richard Jr.
was an elder of the Pisgah Presbyterian Church, on the Lexington and
Versailles road, and was the first elder to attend the General Assembly
from Kentucky, making the trip to New York with the Rev. Archibald
Cameton, on horseback. He was buried in the old churchyard. He married
Martha Makemie, a niece of the Rev. Francis Makemie, first Presbyterian
preacher in America. They had eleven children, namely: (1) Adam, born
September 4, 1770, married first Brooke Beall, second Hannah Graham; (2)
Richard, born September 20, 1775, married Amelia Neville, a daughter of
Gen. Neville, of Virginia. Her sister married a Bullitt of Louisville; (3)
Joseph, born July 7, 1779, married Miriam Boone, niece of Daniel Boone;
(4) Jane, born August 8, 1781, died unmarried; (5) John Rowan, born June
16, 1783, married Thursa Howard Mayo; (6) Mary, born May 22, 1785, married
John Sutherland; (7) Martha Breckinridge, born June 23, 1786, married
first Robert M. Beall, second Dr. John Mendenhall; (8) William, born
January 1, 1788, married Mary Rowan, daughter of Judge Rowan and Mary
Lytle; (9) Robert Makemie, born September 14, 1790, married Ellen Joel
Lewis, daughter of Col. Fielding Lewis, a grandson o President
Washington's only sister, Betty; (10) Esther, born July 14, 1792, married
first William Kirkpatrick, second Mr. Edwards, a farmer near Louisville;
and (11) Nancy Polk, born February 7, 1795, married a Dr. Talbot.
Jane Steele, daughter of the emigrant, married John Hueston, and had
eight children, namely: (1) Nancy, maried George Graham of Pennsylvania;
(2) Sarah, married Benjamin Wood of New Jersey; (3) Robert, married Mary
Bartholomew Bodley of Fayette County, Kentucky; (4) Susan, married James
January of Maysville, Kentucky; (5) Jane, married James McNair of
Pennsylvania; [note, child (6) not shown.] (7) Elizabeth, married Robert
Perry of Virginia; (8) William, died unmarried at New Orleans in 1803.
Mary Steele, daughter of the emigrant, married William Lytle. A
daughter of this untion married Judge John Rowan. Gents. Robert T. Lytle
and William Haynes Lytle of Cincinnati, were her descendants.

Steele Makemie Cameton Beall Graham Neville Bullitt Boone Mayo Sutherland
Mendenhall Rowan Lytle Lewis Washington Kirkpatrick Edwards Talbot Hueston
Graham Wood Bodley January McNair Perry
Ireland PA Louisville-Jefferson-KY NY VA NJ Maysville-Mason-KY VA LA OH

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