Miller, George W.
March 12, 2007 09:36PM
Souvenir Edition, The Williamstown Courier, Williamstown, Ky, May 30,
1901, reprinted September 19, 1981 by the Grant County KY Historical

GEORGE W. MILLER, a self-made druggist of Dry Ridge, born May 12, 1864,
in Clermont County, Ohio, George Miller worked on his father's farm
during his youth, probably never dreaming that one day he would be sole
proprietor of the only drug store in a town of eight hundred people,
which would be the biggest business of any store of a like class in the
county. In February, 1883, he grew tired of the Buckeye State and came
to Kentucky. Dame fortune guided his footsteps to Dry Ridge, where he
secured employment with J. B. Sanders in his general store. For six
years he played a prominent part in that establishment, and was then a
trusted employe [sic] of the firm. In 1894, having become possessed of
a knowledge of drugs, he saw an opportunity for a man of grit and
endurance in a drug store. He and J. A. Judy formed a partnership and
purchased the J. A. Johnson Stand. The partnership existed pleasantly
for many months, and then Mr. Miller bought Mr. Judy's interest in the
business, and has continued to add to it till [sic] now he has the best
drug store in Northern Kentucky, in a country town. His place of
business is now located on the ground floor of the Atkins Block, and is
a commodious store. The drug store is a room 14 by 60 feet, with a
wareroom attached 12 by 30 feet. He employs his nephew, Frank Sargeant,
of Felicity, Ohio, as clerk, and he proves to be a most valuable young
man. Mr. Miller was married on March 1, 1882, to Miss Carrie A.
Prather, of Dry Ridge. Mrs. Miller died Dec. 4, 1888, and three years
later he was married to Miss Adullah N. Clark, of Dry Ridge. A bright
boy, a child of 7, Joe C., is the light of the household. Mr. Miller
carries in stock a complete assortment of fresh drugs, besides all other
goods that go to make up a first-class drug store, and sells everything
at reasonable prices.

Miller Judy Johnson Sargeant Prather Clark Sanders

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