Reed, Coleman D.
March 12, 2007 10:07PM
Souvenir Edition, The Williamstown Courier, Williamstown, Ky, May 30,
1901, reprinted September 19, 1981 by the Grant County KY Historical

COLEMAN D. REED. Eight years ago Mr. Reed became tired of farm life and
resolved to start in business in the mercantile line. He accordingly
moved to Dry Ridge, bought the property where he is now located, fitted
up two large storerooms with a first-class assortment of boots, shoes,
hats, caps, ready-made clothing, etc., besides a large assortment of
choice staple and fancy groceries. That "honesty is the best policy"
he has fully verified in his business, for a customer who deals with
him is always sure of his money's worth, and is never disappointed with
his bargain. His business has increased until now he has a trade second
to none in the county, taking into consideration the amount he carries
in stock. His store is a Mecca toward which dozens of the citizens of
the neighborhood turn their steps when they come into the town, and no
man, big or little, can persuade them to do their shopping elsewhere.
Coleman D. Reed was born March 30, 1848, in the town of Cynthiana.
He is the eldest son of the late Hon. C. D. Reed and Harriet N. Reed.
When Coleman was one year of age his father removed to Grant County and
located at Sherman, on the old homestead which is still inhabited by Mr.
Reed's venerable mother, and is still in possession of the Reed heirs.
In 1873 he married Miss Maggie Kinslaer, a most estimable lady of this
county, and they are still enjoying their honeymoon, which has lasted
through more than a quarter of a century. No children have come to
bless the Reed home, but this defect in their lives has more than been
made up by their devotion to one another and the friendship and
admiration of their neighbors.
Mr. Reed is a "simon-pure" Democrat. He boasts that he has never
scratched a ticket and has never missed an election since he was 21
years of age. In the recent Democratic primary, Mr. Reed was a
candidate for County Court Clerk, and when he was defeated he pledged
his support to the victorious rival, and will do all he can to roll up
a good majority for him in the November election next.

Reed Kinslaer

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