Scroggin, W. A.
March 12, 2007 10:18PM
Souvenir Edition, The Williamstown Courier, Williamstown, Ky, May 30,
1901, reprinted September 19, 1981 by the Grant County KY Historical

Dr. W. A. SCROGGIN is the son of J. J. and Mary E. Scroggin, and first
saw the light of day in Grant County August 24, 1858. Like the majority
of those who make a success of life, he was the son of a farmer, and
himself followed that pursuit until he reached manhood. Dr. Scroggin
was married to Miss Ida L. Matthews, a charming Christian lady, January
27, 1886. To this union four children have been born, three girls and
one boy. Dr. Scroggin did not begin the study of medicine until he had
rounded his thirtieth year. It was then that he entered the Louisville
Medical College, from which institution he was graduated in 1893. He at
first located at Verona, but soon sought new fields at Dry Ridge, where
he has been ever since, and has built up a large and remunerative
practice. In politics the doctor is a Democrat, and was honored by that
party by being elected constable a good many years ago, when that office
was a lucrative one. Later he was deputy sheriff for one term. He is a
Baptist in religion, having followed the teachings of his parents, and
is a leading worker in church circles in Dry Ridge, and wherever else he
can make his work felt. He is a member of the Dry Ridge School Board,
and is a man of good ideas and good business ability, whom all are glad
to have as a friend. The doctor belongs to two secret societies,
Centurion Lodge of Odd Fellows at Williamstown and the Oswego Tribe of
Red Men at Dry Ridge, and is an ardent worker in each order. He is
progressive, and always ready to assist in any move that will help to
elevate humanity at home or abroad.

Scroggin Matthews
Louisville-Jefferson-KY Verona-Boone-KY

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