Gatton, John Samuel
March 10, 2007 01:27PM
1844-1943" by Wendell H. Rone. Probably published in 1944 by
Messenger Job Printing Co., Inc., Owensboro, Kentucky, p. 318.
Used by permission. [Hardin]

JOHN SAMUEL GATTON: This distinguished man and faithful minister of
the Gospel was born in Spencer County, Kentucky, March 14, 1844. His
parents were Roman Catholics and he was brought up in that faith.
After his parents moved to Muhlenberg County he was converted and
baptized into the fellowship of the South Carrollton Baptist Church by
the sainted Elder J. M. Peay. This important event occurred in his
twenty-first year. This church licensed him to preach in February,
1866. He also served as a messenger from this church to the Daviess
County Association from 1862 to 1868.
In preparation for the ministry to which he felt called of God, he
spent four years at Bethel College in Russellville, and on May 29,
1869, he was ordained at the Russellville Church by Elders W. W.
Gardner, W. G. Inman, A. D. Sears, G. W. Featherstone, and O. H.
Morrow. Daviess County Association had assisted him in attending
college, along with his friend, F. P. M. Sharp. He became pastor of
the historic Severn's Valley Baptist Church at Elizabethtown in July,
1869, and remained ten years with the saints in that place. His other
pastorates were at Taylorsville, Eminence, Campbellsville, Smithfield
in Henry County, Dallasburg in Owen County, Salem, Finchville, and
Simpsonville in Shelby County. At the time of his death he was pastor
at Barren Run in LaRue County, East Rhudes Creek in Hardin County, and
South Carrollton in Muhlenberg County. He often prayed that he might
die in the harness and God graciously answered his prayer and
permitted him to retain his faculties to the end. His last sermon was
preached at South Carrollton in June, 1924, the church where he was
converted sixty years before.
Brother Gatton was an evangelist of note and held over 200
revival meetings and witnessed over 2,000 additions and conversions to
the churches. His passion for souls was manifested in his preaching
and the Lord blessed his labors in a remarkable way.
His death occurred on June 28, 1924. He was married to Miss Amy
Smallwood of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, in August, 1870. To her he
attributed much of his success as a minister. Six children were born
to this union. Among them are Harry and Harper Gatton of the
Madisonville Public Schools. His body was laid to rest in the
cemetery in Elizabethtown.

Gatton Peay Gardner Inman Sears Featherstone Morrow Sharp Smallwood
Spencer Muhlenberg Russelville-Logan Henry Owen Shelby LaRue

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