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Hall, John David

Posted by MarthaCrossSargent 
Hall, John David
March 10, 2007 01:29PM
1844-1943" by Wendell H. Rone. Probably published in 1944 by
Messenger Job Printing Co., Inc., Owensboro, Kentucky, pp. 389-390.
Used by permission. [Hardin]

JOHN DAVID HALL: This useful minister of the Gospel was born in
Daviess County, Kentucky, on July 12, 1882, and is the son of Dave
and Rose Hall. His educational advantages were few and in
consequence he was never able to proceed further than the second
grade in the common schools. Nevertheless, he has persevered in his
calling, and by God's help has become a very useful minister.
In his early days he labored as a coal miner and it was not
until he had reached the age of thirty, in 1912, that he felt called
of the Lord to preach the Gospel. The Island Church licensed him to
preach in that year. He had previously made a profession of faith,
in 1902, under the preaching of Elder W. H. Dawson and had been
baptized into the fellowship of the Yelvington Baptist Church by
Elder Dawson. On February 24, 1922, he was ordained to the work of
the Gospel ministry by Elders Albert Maddox, Norris Lashbrook, H. S.
Wigginton, C. C. Daves, and R. A. Barnes.
Soon after his ordination he became the pastor of the Griffith
Church which had recently been organized and continued to serve that
Church eleven years. Besides this first pastorate he has served the
following Churches: Delaware Creek, ten years; Green River, four
years; Basin, part of one year; Newman, two years; Mt. Vernon, three
years; Rumsey, two years. He is at present pastoring the Delaware
Creek Church in this Association for one-half of his time and is
serving the West Point and Patesville Churches in Blackford
Association. For a period of five years he served as pastor of the
Buttonsberry Mission of the Island Church. The Griffith Church was
organized largely as a result of his labors there and in one year the
Church bought and paid for their house of worship.
Brother Hall married Miss Eufaula Quinn. daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Quinn, in 1900, and to this union five daughters and six
sons have been born. All the children are Christians and an
undivided family of thirteen will gather around the Throne of God
when time shall be no more.
Brother Hall's experience is so unique we give the full account
of it here. He says: "I received the call to the ministry in 1911
but disobeyed God and would not give up to preach because I was
unable to read and had received but five months of schooling. The
Devil tried to make me believe I could not preach the Word of God
unless I could read it. I lived in that condition for eleven years.
During all of that time my wife would read to me from the Bible night
after night until the wee hours of the morning. I was burdened in
this manner until one night at midnight I fell on my knees with my
Bible open before me and asked God to give me the ability to read the
Bible for myself if He wanted me to preach His Word. From that night
to the present time I have been able to read the Word of God and have
tried in my weak way to serve the Lord." This testimony speaks for
itself. J. D. Hall has performed a good and lasting work in all of
the pastorates he has served. He has been unusually successful in
the many evangelistic meetings he has conducted since entering the
ministry. Even though he faced almost insurmountable difficulties he
persevered by the Grace of God and is considered one of the most
beloved ministers within the bounds of this and adjoining sister
Associations. J. D. Hall's ministry is indeed a manifestation of the
work of God in the life of one redeemed by His grace.

Hall Dawson Maddox Lashbrook Wigginton Daves Barnes Quinn
Daviess-KY McLean-KY

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