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Hicks, George H.

Posted by MarthaCrossSargent 
Hicks, George H.
March 10, 2007 02:07PM
A History of Kentucky Baptists From 1769 to 1885, Including More Than
800 Biographical Sketches, J. H. Spencer, Manuscript Revised and
Corrected by Mrs. Burilla B. Spencer, In Two Volumes. Printed For the
Author. 1886. Republished By Church History Research & Archives 1976
Lafayette, Tennessee. Vol. 2, pp 67-68. [Hardin County]

GEORGE H. HICKS, a son of John C. Hicks, was born December 22, 1814. At
the age of 23 years, he professed the religion of Jesus, and united with
Rudes Creek church, in Hardin, of which he remained a member till his
death. In September 1841, he was licensed to exercise his gift, within
the bounds of the church, and, in the following January, he was
liberated to preach, wherever God, in his providence, might direct. He
was ordained to the full work of the ministry, by Jacob Rogers and
Colmore Lovelace, in November, 1843. Soon after his ordination, he was
called to the care of Hill Crove church, in Mead [sic] county. In
December, 1847, he succeeded the venerable Colmore Lovelace, in the
pastoral care of Rudes Creek church, and, about the same time, took
charge of Mt. Pleasant church, at Brandenburg. He was at different
period of his ministry, pastor of twenty-one churches. So popular was
he that at some periods he had the care of six churches, at the same
time. He preached at Rudes Creek twenty years, at Brandenburg the same
length of time, and at Hill Grove, thirty years. He was Moderator of
Salem Association three years, and preached the introductory sermon
before that body, on six occasions. During a ministry of thirty-two
years, he baptized 1,584 persons. His popularity among the young people
was evidenced by the fact that he married 250 couples. He closed his
enimently useful career, in the strengh of mature manhood, July 30,
Mr. Hick's preaching talent was scarely above mediocrity, and his
education was quite limited; but his voice was melodious, and his manner
was very pleasing to the populace. He had a strong native intellect, a
clear practical judgment, and a dignified, manly bearing. He was an
excellent judge of human nature, was prompt in decision, firm in
execution, and was endowed with excelent business capacity. In his
generation, he was the leading spirit in Salem Association.

Hicks Rogers Lovelace

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