Coflin, S. W.
March 06, 2007 07:09PM
Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 7th ed., 1887,
Kenton Co.

S. W. COFLIN, a native of St. Johns, New Brunswick, was born March 31,
1843. He is a ship carpenter, caulker and draughtsman, and worked at
his trade three years in New Brunswick, then went to Portland, Me., and
was employed by the Government as a quarterman for about two years, then
to Boston, Mass.; subsequently went to Chicago, Ill., and was employed
by the Chicago & North Western Railroad to build grain barges. In 1861
he went to Cairo, Ill., was employed by the United States Government,
and remained about one year. He was there arrested by the Federal troops
and was a prisoner for six months, but finally released with the
understanding that he must at once go North. He went to Madison, Ind.,
and remained three months. In 1864 he went to Cincinnati, and from
1866 to 1872 was engaged in building life and pleasure boats. He then
became associated with Val. P. Collins, of Covington, Ky., under the
title of Covington Dock Co., and built the Marine Railway at Covington
for the purpose of building and repairing steamboats, barges, etc., until
April 28, 1881, when Mr. Collins retired from the business. Mr. Coflin
has an average of 120 men employed all the time. He is also owner of
tow-boats and barges, is interested in mining and boring for natural gas,
and is meeting with success both in Kentucky and Indiana. He is
president of the city council; was elected three times as an independent
candidate from the Seventh Ward and twice elected on the Democrat ticket.
He has been twice elected as water-works commissioner, and is now
president of the water-works board. He is a member of the Cincinnati
Chamber of Commerce, also a member of the Kentucky Democratic Club, and
an honorary member of the Centennial Exposition of the Ohio Valley and
Central States. He was married in 1866 to Miss Mary A. Soden, of
Cincinnati, Ohio, a lady distinguished for her many fine qualities.
Seven children have been born to this union, five of whom are living:
Ollie, Albert, Neva, Oscar and Elsa. Mr. Coflin is a member of the
Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Coflin has very frequently been called
upon to preside over political conventions and other local meetings and
has always done so with great dignity, firmness and ability. He is a
gentleman of pleasing manners, and is universally esteemed.

Coflin Collins Soden
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