Fischer, John J.
March 06, 2007 07:35PM
HISTORY OF KENTUCKY AND KENTUCKIANS, E. Polk Johnson, three volumes,
Lewis Publishing Co., New York & Chicago, 1912. Common version, Vol. III,
pp. 1272-73. [Kenton County]

JOHN J. FISCHER--Persistency and constancy, when coupled with a
determination to forge ahead, bid fair for eminent success in any line of
enterprise, and it is to these qualities that the Fischer Brothers Company,
dealers in hardware, farm implements and electrical supplies, owe the
prestige and distinctive precedence which it has been theirs to gain in the
industrial world of Kentucky. The company is the outgrowth of the business
established, in 1884, by John A. Fischer in Covington and conducted by him
until his death, in 1892, at which time his sons succeeded to the business.
The Fischer Brothers Company was incorporated under the laws of the state
in 1907, with a capital stock of fifty thousand dollars. Its official corps
consists of the following: J. J. Fischer, president, F. A. Fischer, vice
president and treasurer; and H. A. Schroetter, secretary. This substantial
concern owns and operates three stores at Covington, Newport and
Latonia, and they do an extensive wholesale and retail business. They are
agents for the Iowa separator and a salesman travels throughout Kentucky
in the interest of that machine. Their local trade extends over Kenton,
Campbell and Boone counties, in Kentucky, and a force of from twenty-five
to thirty people are constantly employed. The founder of the business,
John A. Fischer, invented and had patented the Family Fire & Burglar Proof
Safe, which he manufactured and sold extensively during his life-time, and
which is still manufactured and forms no small business of the present
company. He is a native of Germany, the date of his birth being 1846. He
was but ten years of age at the time of his emigration to the United
States. He made the journey alone and proceeded directly to Ludlow,
Kentucky, where he joined relatives. While crossing the Atlantic he lost
his hat and was compelled to finished the trip bareheaded. He secured
employment in a dry-goods store at Ludlow and when fourteen years of age
entered upon an apprenticeship at the locksmith's trade, being identified
with this occupation for a number of years. In 1872 he entered into a
partnership alliance with William Bogen Schutz, and they began business
as locksmiths in the city of Covington. This enterprise proved disastrous
and Mr. Fischer was soon working at his trade again as a journeyman, and
it was during this period that he patented his safe. In 1884 he laid the
foundation for his future success as a hardware merchant and through fair
and honorable methods he built up a fine thriving business, the same being
now carried on by his heirs. He was summoned to the life eternal at
Covington, in 1892, at the age of forty-six years. His death was the
result of injuries received from an accidental from a building in process
of construction. He was a large-hearted, broad-minded man, deeply
interested in all matters pertaining to the general welfare and he was
held in high esteem by his fellow citizens. He married Julia Monning, a
native of Ironton, Ohio, and they became the parents of twelve children,
eleven of whom are now living, the subject of this review being the eldest
in order of birth. Mrs. Fischer survives her honored husband and she now
resides at Covington, much beloved by all who have come within the sphere
of her gracious influence.
John J. Fischer was born at Covington, Kenton county, Kentucky on the
19th of December, 1868, and he was reared and educated in his native city.
After a good common-school training he pursued a course of study in the
night school of a business college at Covington. He became associated
with his father in the work and management of his hardware business at an
early age and he has been identified with this line of enterprise during
his entire active business career, being now one of the owners of the
business established by his father. Through the able management of Mr.
Fischer and his brothers the trade has been gradually extended to its
present large proportions. Mr. Fischer is president of the concern and
he has the general management of three stores. In politics he is aligned
as a loyal supporter of the cause of the Democratic party and though he
has never manifested aught of ambition for public office he has given
freely of his aid and influence in the support of all movements projected
for the good of the community. He has been a member of the school board
in Covington for a number of years and both he and his wife are devout
communicants of the Catholic church. Fraternally he is affiliated with
the Knights of Columbus.
In 1893 was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Fischer to Miss Bernardia
Lage, who was born and reared in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, and who is
a daughter of Bernard Lage, of that city. Mr. and Mrs. Fischer became the
parents of eight children, three of whom are deceased. Those living are
Genevieve, John, Clarence, Justin and Quentin.

Fischer Monning Schroetter Schutz Lage
Ironton-Lawrence-OH Cincinnati-Hamilton-OH Germany

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