Beauchamp, Robinson P.
March 03, 2007 10:44PM
Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 3rd ed.,
1886. Metcalfe County.

ROBINSON P. BEAUCHAMP, son of Newell and Annice (Downham) Beauchamp, was
born April 15, 1814, east of Bardstown, Nelson County, Ky., and is the
last of a family of eleven children. Newell Beauchamp was born in
Delaware, and during the Revolution was a member of the Delaware Blues.
He was an excellent farmer and about 1785 immigrated to Nelson County,
Ky., where he purchased a large tract of land which he improved, and
also became the owner of fine slave property. He died in 1827, aged
sixty-seven years. He was a son of Coston Beauchamp, who was born in
Maryland, and whose immediate ancestors came from England with Lord
Baltimore; they belonged to the English Church, and trace back to Huge
De Beauchamp, a companion in arms of "William the Conquerer." Coston
first married a Miss Newell; his only child by this marriage was the
father of R. P. Beauchamp. Mrs. Annice Beauchamp was born and reared in
Delaware, a daughter of Jonathan Downham, who married a Miss Powell; the
latter was born in England and her people were Quakers. Robinson P.
Beauchamp was reared on a farm and eduated principally at St. Joseph's
and Augusta's colleges. When he became of age he commenced the study of
law at Bardstow with Ben Chapeze; in 1839 was admitted to the bar and
practiced his profession until, 1846, when he started for Texas, but
stopped en route at Edmonton, and engaged in farming. In 1850 he located
on 156 acres of land, one mile up the creek from Sulphur Well, where he
built the first grist-mill, and cleared and improved his farm; in 1879
he located on the opposite side of the stream on 400 acres, 200 of which
are cleared and improved. He represented Barren County in the
Legislature in 1855; assisted in the organization of Metcalfe County and
was elected its first attorney. April 15, 1845, he was united in
marriage with Ellen Rogers, of Barren County (now Metcalfe), and to
their union were born the following children: Fannie Lavina, John
Rogers, Henry Newell, James Brown (deceased), Eugene Underwood and Ellen
Edmonia (died July 2, 1885). Mrs. Beauchamp died in September, 1859, a
member of the Missionary Baptist Church. Her father, Edmund Rogers, was
born in 1762, and reared in Caroline County, Va.; he was a soldier in
the Revolution and immigrated to Kentucky in 1783. He was a land
surveyor, a very successful financier, and acquired from 15,000 to
20,000 acres of land, also slave property, and founded the town of
Edmonton. He married Mary Shirley, whose acquaintance he had made under
romantic circumstances, and died at the age of eighty-two years. He was
one of the the most influential and best known men in southern Kentucky,
and a son of George Rogers, who was born and reared in Carolina County,
Va. George was a son of John Rogers, who was born at sea, while his
parents were on their way to America. John Rogers was a surveyor and
became a large land-holder in Carolina and Spottsylvania Counties, Va.;
he was a son of Giles Rogers, who was born in Worcestershire, England.
Giles was also a land surveyor and immigrated to America in his own
ship: from him the Rogers family can trace its history back to 1079.
Mr. Beauchamp is a Democrat; was a Whig before the war; cast his first
presidential vote for J. Q. Adams, and was a strong advocate of State
rights; he was a member of the Grange until it ceased to exist.

Adams Baltimore Beauchamp Chapeze DeBeauchamp Dowham Newell Powell
Rogers Shirley
Bardstown-Nelson Barren Caroline-VA DE England MD Nelson Spottsylvania-VA
TX Worcestershire-England

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