Bedinger, George
March 01, 2007 10:49PM
Taken from old clippings dealing with Kentucky family history, newspaper
unknown. These clippings are about 100 years old (1997). Reprinted in
Kentucky Explorer, Volume 10, Number 5 - October, 1995. p. 96. Nicholas

Capt. George Bedinger.
Capt. Henry Bedinger entered service in June, 1775, in Capt. Hugh
Stevenson's company of riflemen; was appointed Sergeant at Sheperdstown,
and marched with his company at the siege of Boston; served until June,
1776. Was made Lieutenant July 9, 1776, in Capt. Abraham Shepherd's
company, in Col. Hugh Stevenson's regiment. Col. Stevenson died in August,
1776, and Col. Moses Rawlings assumed command. Capt. Bedinger was at the
defense of Washington November 16, 1776; was captured and detained prisoner
four years. Received pension in Berkley Co., Va., May 15, 1828.
Daniel Bedinger was a Lieutenant in the Virginia line on Continental
establishment, July, 1776; continued in active service until the dismissal
of the army in South Carolina in 1783.
Capt. George Bedinger served as an Indian spy at Boonesboro, Ky., from
1755 to 1781. Maj. George M. Bedinger was an early pioneer of Kentucky.
Settled in Nicholas Co., then part of Bourbon. In 1779 acted as Adjutant
in the unfortunate expedition of Col. Bowman against the Indian town of
Chillicothe. Was a major at the Battle of Blue Lick, a brave and efficient
officer. In 1792 was a member of the legislature from Bourbon (Nicholas
Co. still being a part of Bourbon). In 1802 was elected a member of
congress and served two terms. Retired to private life in 1807 and lived
to an advanced age near the Lower Blue Lick. He married Henrietta, the
daughter of Dr. Henry and Rachel Povall Clay, who married and settled in
Mecklenburg Co., Va. in 1754. Of Maj. Bedinger's children a daughter, Mrs.
Robert Bedford, moved to Missouri; his son, Daniel P., settled in Bourbon
Co. and married his own cousin, Laetitia, daughter of Col. Henry (born
September 14, 1779), and Rachel Heflin of Lincoln Co., Ky. They had two
children, Olivia who married Richard Lindsay, and a son, Daniel who married
Pattie, daughter of Col. William and Field Holloway, of Richmond, Ky.
Olivia left three children, one son and two daughters, Mrs. Rosa Buckner
and Mrs. Lizzie Lewis of Bourbon Co., Ky.

Bedlinger Stevenson Rawlings Povall Clay Heflin Lindsay Holloway Buckner
MA Berkley-VA SC Bourbon-KY IL Mecklenburg-VA Lincoln-KY MO

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