Nash, Harmon
February 27, 2007 10:41PM
Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 6th ed., 1887,
Shelby Co.

HARMON NASH, farmer, was born December 13, 1803, in Shelby County, a son
of Noble and Sallie (Williams) Nash. Noble was born in Pennsylvania, was
a son of Thomas Nash, who was also born in Pennsylvania, and was a tanner
by trade. His father, Thomas Nash, came from England. Noble came to
Kentucky and settled in Shelby County in quite an early day, when he had
to go to Lexington for bread stuff, and paid $2.50 per bushel for sale,
and had to cut wood so the salt could be manufactured. Subject's mother
was born in Virginia, a daughter of John Williams, also a native of
Virginia, and the first man buried in the Christianburg Cemetery in Shelby
County. Harmon has been a farmer all his life, also a stock raiser,
making a specialty of horses. He owns 130 acres of land. In 1826 he
married Miss Sallie Gates of Shelby County, daughter of Rev. Elijah and
Dosia (Foree) Gates, and had nine children, seven of whom are living:
Louise, who married Allen Barnett, and had five children: Sibbie, James,
Mollie, Ed and Atha. Dr. Noble F. first married a Miss Phillips, who bore
him three children: Lulu, Kate and William. His second wife was a Mrs.
Schindler. Dr. Warren married Miss Bates and had two children: Clarence
and Wendell. Cynthia married Robert Owens and had two children: Leatha
and George. Leatha married John Martena, and have five children: Ernest,
Sallie, Rena, William and Elliott (Elliott married Miss Ratcliff, and
after her death Miss Swearing, six children, Carrie, Jennie, Harmon,
Richard, James and Mary were born to them.) Mattie, who married Thomas
Gill. William Nash, a grandson of our subject (a son of Dr. Noble F.)
was taken by our subject when only six months old, and is still with him,
although October 9, 1883, he married Mary Nunn, of Durham, Mo., daughter
of John M. and Jane (Breeding) Nunn; they have one child, Jennie. This
child has five living grandfathers, and four living grandmothers. Two
of the grandfathers live on the farms where they were born. Mrs. Sallie
Nash died July 12, 1848, and Mr. Nash married for his second wife, Mrs.
Mary Ann Null, who died in August, 1878. Subject's daughter, Annie, was
married to Capt. I. N. Johnston, and had six children: Mattie, Sammie,
Nora, Joseph, Maud and Sallie.

Nash Williams Gates Foree Barnett Phillips Schindler Bates Owens
Martena Ratcliff Swearing Gill Nunn Breeding Null Johnston

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