Robertson, Walter E.
February 27, 2007 10:53PM
Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 6th ed., 1887,
Shelby Co.

WALTER E. ROBERTSON was born in Shelby County, June 15, 1834, the eldest of
a family of four sons born to John P. and Catharine (Fry) Robertson. His
father was born in Shelby County in 1806, was a well-to-do farmer, a member
of the Baptist Church, and noted for his many acts of charity, and died
about 1850. His father was Archibald Robertson, a native of Virginia, and
came to Kentucky when a young man, where he was among the early settlers.
He participated in the war of 1812. Our subject's mother was born in Shelby
County in 1807, is a member of the Baptist Church, and a firm supporter of
its principles. Her father, Elijah Fry, was a native of Virginia, and came
to Kentucky at an early day, when Louisville was only a small boat landing,
consisting of but one or two houses. He died in Knox County, Ind.,
September, 1858, near the present site of Oakland. Walter E. Robertson
passed his early life until his twenty-third year on the home farm, when he
engaged in farming for himself, and now has 246 acres in Shelby County
under successful management. He was united in marriage, July 16, 1860, to
Letitia A. Robertson, of Shelby County, who died September 8, 1864,
leaving one son and two daughters: Lola J., born August 22, 1861; Edwin F.,
October 23, 1862; and Letitia A., April 24, 1864. Mr. Robertson's second
marriage occurred December 23, 1869, with Lydia F. Figg, and estimable lady
of Shelby County. To this union two sons and six daughters were born:
Sallie R., April 10, 1871; Gertrude, August 9, 1872; Mary C., November 14,
1873; Walter E., November 2, 1875; Lillian F., July 17, 1878; John E.,
July 4, 1880 and Alpha L., July 6, 1883. Mr. Robertson was formerly an
old line Whig, but has cast his ballot with the Democrats ever since the
organization of that party. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and
has risen to the degree of W. M.

Robertson Fry Figg
Louisville-Jefferson-KY Knox-IN VA

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