Sandusky, Jacob E.
February 27, 2007 11:09PM
Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 7th ed., 1887,
Shelby Co.

JACOB E. SANDUSKY. The paternal great-grandfather of our subject, also
named Jacob Sandusky, emigrated from Poland in the early part of the
seventeenth century, and settled in Virginia. He married a Miss Iuskif
and had seven children--six sons and a daughter. Five sons and the
daughter came to Kentucky; Anthony settled in Mercer County; John, in
Washington County; Samuel, in Washington County; James, in Bourbon County;
Jacob (subject's grandfather) settled in Jessamine County; Hannah married
Mr. Wilson, and settled in Mercer County. Our subject's great-grandfather
was the only one of that name who ever came to America. Our subject's
grandfather, Jacob, was born in Virginia in 1750, immigrated to Kentucky
in 1772, and endured all the hardships incident to the settlement of a new
country. Game was plentiful, such as buffalo, deer, turkey, etc. His
clothing consisted of skins of the animals he killed. In 1784 he started
from the falls of the Ohio in a canoe, in company with another man, and
floated down the river to New Orleans, and there took passage on a ship
to Norfolk, and thence home. He married Elizabeth Voss in 1777. He
served in the Continental Army during the Revolution, and was present at
the surrender of Cornwallis. Subsequently he returned to Kentucky, and
settled in Boone County, and was superintendent of the salt works for a
number of years. He then settled in Jessamine County, and remained there
until his death. He had seven children--three sons and four daughters;
Ephraim was one of the sons, and the father of our subject. He married
Annie Evans, settled in Jessamine County, and had ten children. Jacob
E. was the third child, and was born in Jessamine County, June 16, 1808.
February 14, 1831, he married Hannah Middleton, and remained in Jessamine
County five years after marriage, then moved to Shelby County. September
1, 1835, he left home on horseback, went to Clark County, Mo., and made
arrangements to move there in the fall of 1836, but on account of the
sickness of his wife could not move, so he has remained in Shelby County
to the present day. To him and wife eight children were born, six of
whom are living: Oliver, a prominent commission merchant at St. Joe,
who married Zarieda Potter; James M. a prominent merchant at Vicksburg,
Miss., who married Jennie Bettihamer, and have five children: Oliver,
Hannah, James, Sarah and Jane; William, who is in Arkansas; and Jane;
William, who is in Arkansas; George is in Kansas, married to Milly
Vinson, of Shelby County, and has three children: Fannie, Permelia and
Mary; Richard, who married Lulu Mitchell and have three children: Mary S.,
Ivan Earl and Maggie L. Mr. Sandusky's youngest child, Mary J., is
married to E. J. Doss and has two children: Margaret and Mary M., and with
these Mr. Sandusky has his residence. Mr. Sandusky owns 130 acres of land.
He is a fine specimen of the old Kentucky gentleman, and is very popular
in Shelby County.

Sandusky Iuskif Voss Evans Middleton Potter Bettihamer
Vinson Mitchell Doss
Mercer-KY Washington-KY Bourbon-KY Jessamine-KY Boone-KY Clark-MO
KS MS AR VA Poland

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