Roberts, William
February 26, 2007 04:50PM
History of Trigg County, Historical and Biographical, ed. W.H. Perrin, F.A.
Battey Pub. Co., Chicago, 1884. p. 242-43. [Roaring Springs Precinct]

WILLIAM ROBERTS was born on July 18, 1810, on Little River in what was then
Christian County, now Cadiz Precinct, Trigg Co. He is a son of John and
Nancy (Atkins) Roberts. The father was born in Buckingham County, Va., in
1759. His father died when he was quite young. At the age of sixteen
John Roberts volunteered to go as a guard to a party who were coming West.
The party came to what is now Nashville, Tenn., and Mr. Roberts was on of a
number who helped erect the block-house that stood where the capitol
building now stands. He lived at this point for some time, and there his
first wife was killed and scalped by the Indians. He came to this county
in 1804, and settled near Cerulean Springs. In the early part of the year
of 1814 he came to Little River, and purchased a tract of land from David
McKee, and which is now included in the Cadiz Precinct. Here he resided
until his death which occurred on January 7, 1833. The mother died here on
October 7, 1837. She was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
Our subject was the eldest of four brothers: William, Robert R., David L.
and Phineas E. Of this number, David L., now in Mississippi and William
(subject), are the only ones living. William remained at home until after
his mother's death and then commenced life for himself and settled on
Little River in this precinct. In 1841 he came to his present farm, where
he has since resided. He now owns 200 acres, of which eighty-five are in
cultivation. Mr. Roberts was married on July 9, 1833, to Miss Nancy
Malone, a daughter of Booth and Martha A. (Darnell) Malone, natives of
Montgomery County, Tenn. Mrs. Roberts was born in that county in 1813. To
her and husband have been born eight children, of whom three are now
living: John W. (at home), Richard R. Roberts (a merchant in St. Louis,
Mo.), and Susan A. (wife of Irving Branden, of Wallonia). Mrs. Roberts
died January 7, 1859, and subject was next married to Mrs. Medas J. Nelson,
a daughter of Mahala and Rebecca (Randolph) Ingram. Mrs. Roberts was born
in Claiborne County, Miss., on August 15, 1822. Mr. Roberts is a member
of Roaring Springs Lodge, A.F.M., also a member of the Methodist Church.
He cast his first vote for Andrew Jackson for President, and has since
then been a strong Democrat.

Roberts Atkins McKee Malone Darnell Branden Nelson Randolph Ingram
Christian-KY Buckingham-VA Claibrone-MS Montgomery-TN MS MO

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