Q I don't have any web space available. Can I still be a Coordinator?

Yes. You can have free webspace on the usbiographies.org domain.


Q How do I get my biographies on the U.S. Biographies page?

You don't. Your biographies need to be kept with your state or county page on your server.


Q Why do I have to use text files? Won't the biographies need to be in html format?
A You don't have to use the text format. Some people prefer text because it's easier to create. There are pros and cons for Text or HTML, it is up to the county coordinator to decide which will work best for them.
Q Can new biographies by typed directly into e-mail?

Yes, however, please be aware that there are some pitfalls associated with typing biographies directly into an e-mail. Not the least if which will be improperly formatted biographies. That means someone has to do a lot more work to make the biography work on the web. The other reason is simpler; if you save each biography as a separate file, you will only have to type it once.

Q Is there a standard way to name the biographies?
A Not really. As long as the file is in the correct format (DOS Text) and has the ".txt" or ".htm" extension, it should be just fine. If you use Windows95 to create your biography files, a good way to name them is to use the full name of the subject in lower case without any spaces or punctuation. For example: Enos T. Taylor would become enosttaylor.txt. This is not a requirement, just a good idea. If you use Windows 3.1x, you could abbreviate the name like ettaylor.txt. Once the file is uploaded to your server, you can then rename it to a more descriptive name if you wish.
Q I don't know a thing about creating web pages but I am willing to learn. Can someone help me get started?
A Absolutely! You can contact Nathan Zipfel for some pointers.
Q Does my county page have to look just the the sample page?
A Not at all. In fact, we encourage you to be creative with your web page. Make it your own creation. Keep in mind, however, that a lot of graphics on a page make it look nicer but can make it painfully slow when loading.
Q How do I get my page and biographies on my server?
A You will have to upload them using an FTP program.
Q How should I organize my biographies?
A There are no set rules on storing you biographies. Here are some rough guidelines though: Keep backup copies of all your biographies on you local PC just in case. You can keep your biographies in a sub directory on the sever, just make sure the hyper links are correct. Once you have established a system for naming and storing your bios, stay with it!