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Early Dutch settlers of Monmouth County , New Jersey

Beekman, George Crawford.
City of Publication: Freehold, N.J.
Publisher: Moreau Bros.
Date: 1915

There is no formal index to this book, but the list below was made in order from the book

Records of the Conovers, Schencks and Vanderveers
Traits of Conover character. Fanciful origin of the name
The will of Jan Schenck, and some of his descendants
Dutch tenacity as shown by their love for their church
Roelof Schenck and his descendants - A woman of great business capacity
Chrineyonce Schenck and his descendants Probasco and Polhemus families
Ruleff Schenck and his descendants: some of their peculiar traits
The masterful characteristics of the Dutch women
The six Conover brothers and four Conover sisters
Oddities and peculiarities of the Dutch people and their descendants in Monmouth
Cornelius Couwenhoven of Pleasant Valley and his children
Albert Couwenhoven and his twelve children
Jacob Couwenhoven and his eleven children
The younger of the six Conover brothers and his children
Reasons why the New York Hollanders migrated to New Jersey
Conflict between Lewis Morris and the people of Middletown
Jacob Van Dorn and his descendants
Some account of Lewis Morris and his doings in Monmouth County
Sayings and doings of Lewis Morris of Monmouth and elsewhere
Jan Gysbertsen Metrn and his family
Gilbert Van Mater, his descendants, and his will
Daniel and Hendrick Van Mater who joined the King's army
Daniel, Hendrick and Chrineyonce Van Mater's estates confiscated - death of Fenton, the Pine Robber
Escapes of Daniel and Chrineyonce Van Mater, royalists. The Pine Robbers of Monmouth
Garrett Van Mater, his characteristics and disposition
Descendants of Benjamin Van Mater and Elizabeth Lane, his wife
Descendants of Cyrenius Van Mater and Abagail Lefferts, his wife
The long and interesting will of Joseph Van Mater
The Hulses or Hulseharts of Monmouth and Ocean Counties
The Aumacks or Aumocks of Monmouth and Ocean Counties
Efforts of France and England to crush Holland Republic
The Barkalow Family
Records of Daniel and Cornelius Barkalow, sons of Derrick
Children of Derrick Barkalow and their descendants
The Hendricks of Hendrickson Family
Account of a raid of Tory refugees in the year 1779
Children of Daniel Hendrickson and Catharine Vandyke, his wife
William Hendrickson, or Wilm Hendricks, as written, brother of Daniel
William Hendricks and Williamptje Laen his wife and children


 Monmouth County Vital Records

Monmouth Democrat

There is but one section [A - D] to these records. There are Obituaries, Wedding Announcements, Birth Announcements, Birthday Notices and some very poor pictures. The date range seems to be 1938 - 1942.

Some of the copy is poor, but most of it is fine.

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History of Monmouth County, New Jersey

By: Franklin Ellis

Philadelphia: R T Peck & Co., 1885

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History of
Monmouth County, New jersey
Historical - Biographical
Volume III
Lewis Historical Publishing Company, Inc
New York and Chicago

Available on Google Books

A History of
Monmouth and Ocean Counties, New Jersey

Embracing A
Genealogical Record
Of Earliest Settlers in Monmouth and Ocean Counties
and their Descendants.

The Indians:
Their Language, Manners and Customs.
Important Historical Events.
The Revolutionary War,
Battle of Monmouth,
The War of the Rebellion.
Names of Officers and Men of Monmouth and Ocean Counties
engaged in it, etc, etc.

By Edwin Salter.
Bayonne, N J:
E Gardner & Son, Publishers

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