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History of Sussex and Warren Counties, New Jersey 

Snell, James P

With illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers
Philadelphia: Everts & Peck, 1881

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NamePage #Township NamePage #Township
Ackerson, John D372Lafayette Lance, Jacob453Hampton
Aged Citizens 469Byram Lantz, George372Lafayette
Aged Citizens - "Last Census"343Hardyston Lawrence Family333Hardyston
Aged Citizens - 1880415Sparta Layton, Thomas419Sandyston
Aged Citizens - 1880434Green Lenterman, John405Sparta
Aged Citizens - 1880447Andover Leport, Jacob B311 - 312Wantage
Aged Citizens - 1880456Hampton Little, Mathias452Hampton
Aged Citizens - June 1880389Stillwater Longwell, John348Vernon
Allen, Heman291Wantage Losey, Isaac321Walpack
Anderson, Margaret C [Mrs]249Newton Losey, Zebulon321Walpack
Anderson, Thomas249Newton Lucas, Bathsheba250Newton
Andover Store - 1773 - Customer List443Andover Mackerley, Charles373Lafayette
Armstrong, James B363Montague Mains Family382Stillwater
Armstrong, Robert V402 - 403Frankford Mains, Peter407Sparta
Armstrong, Thomas250Newton Marjoram, Stephen Ford334Hardyston
Armstrong, Thomas391 - 392Frankford Marriage Record - Squire Francis Price [from his Justice's Docket]  1782 - 1799392 - 393Frankford
Arvis, Frederick443Andover Marshall, Timothy A417 cSparta
Ayers Family291Wantage Martin Family289Wantage
Backster, [Baxter] John373Lafayette Martin, Humphrey311Wantage
Backster, Charles348Vernon Martin, James360Vernon
Backster, George290Wantage Mattison, James253Newton
Bailey, Daniel357 - 358Vernon McCarter Famiy252 - 253Newton
Bailey, William349Vernon McCollum, Jacob248Newton
Bale - Account Books 1795-1810451Hampton McCoy, George290Wantage
Bale, Henry371 - 372Lafayette McCoy, John290 - 291Wantage
Bale, Henry & Peter451Hampton McDanolds, William  401Frankford
Bale, Henry Jr372Lafayette McDanolds, William & Joseph392Frankford
Baptist Church Cemetery - Inscriptions342 - 343Hardyston McDevitt, William444Andover
Bassett, Isaac249Newton McKain, William461 - 462Byram
Bassett, William I249Newton McPeake, Richard407Sparta
Beach, Benjamin381Stillwater McPeake, Richard & Jonathan444Andover
Beadle, Stephen419Sandyston Merring, John419Sandyston
Beardslee Family333Hardyston Militia Roll - 2nd Co,, 1st Bat., 1st Reg,, 1st Brig. of Sussex Militia379Lafayette
Beardslee, Charles249Newton Morris, Moses450 - 451Hampton
Beatty, George B407 aSparta Morris, William456 - 457Hampton
Beatty, Thomas407Sparta Mott, William292Wantage
Bell, Leonard324Walpack Munson Family333Hardyston
Bell, Robert324Walpack Munson, Amos304 - 305Wantage
Bennett, Jacobus363Montague Munson, Asa344Hardyston
Bernhardt, John Peter380Stillwater Munson, Israel406Sparta
Bevans, Edwin458 aHampton Muster Roll - Union Army - A Regiment, 4th Brigade285Newton
Bevans, Evan418Sandyston Myers, Jacob323Walpack
Bird, Peter444Andover Nearpass Family363 - 364Montague
Blanchard, Aaron349Vernon Nelden, George364Montague
Bonnell, Isaac369 - 370Montague Newman, David333Hardyston
Bonnell, James363Montague Norman, Peter406Sparta
Boss, John407Sparta North Church Cemetery - Inscriptions342Hardyston
Bradbury, John407Sparta Northrop, Moses W373Lafayette
Braisted, E G406Sparta Octogenarian List254Newton
Bray Family391Frankford Ogden, Robert404 - 405Sparta
Brink, James418 -419Sandyston Ogden, Robert [Headstone Inscription]411Sparta
Bristol, Levett B322Walpack O'Maley, Thomas415 - 416Sparta
Brittin, William286bNewton Opdyke, Joshua428Green
Bross, Peter363Montague Osborn, Thomas392Frankford
Brown, Peter J359Vernon Ousted, Michael443Andover
Buchner Family427Green Owen, William360 aVernon
Buckley, George & Reuben333Hardyston Owens, Ebenezer350Vernon
Bunnell, Henry324Walpack Paddock, James349Vernon
Butler, John407Sparta Pellet, Obadiah392Frankford
Byram, Jephthah & John461Byram Pemberton, Charles249Newton
Case, Peter453Hampton Perry, Joseph348Vernon
Case, S P453Hampton Pettit, William285 - 286Newton
Chardevoyne Family348Vernon Phillips, Barrett437 - 438Green
Citizens - 60 - 65 Yrs of Age325Walpack Phillips, David391Frankford
Clark, Jonathan363Montague Phillips, Joseph & Hezekiah249Newton
Clark, Luther419 - 420Sandyston Pittinger [Mrs]382Stillwater
Cole, Jacob321 - 322Walpack Presbyterian Church Cem. Inscriptions411Sparta
Cole, Joseph406Sparta Price Family390 - 391Frankford
Cole, Martin364Montague Price, Robert & Samuel403 aFrankford
Cole, Martin364 aMontague Price, Samuel O334Hardyston
Colt, Isaac391Frankford Quackenboss, Barabbas373Lafayette
Colver Family373 dLafayette Record of Marriages369Montague
Congleton, Mark N417 aSparta Reeder, Edward A472 - 473Byram
Conn, James462Byram Rhodes, Charles381Stillwater
Cooke Family292Wantage Richards, Abram A372Lafayette
Cooper, Elias289Wantage Riggs, William349Vernon
Cooper, Elias307 - 308Wantage Robinson, George407Sparta
Corselius, George418Sandyston Roe Family392Frankford
Cortright [Mr - might be Simon]417 - 418Sandyston Roe, Solomon438 aGreen
Cortright, Samuel418Sandyston Rohrick, Michael405Sparta
Cory, Job406Sparta Roloson, Charles291Wantage
Cory, Job416Sparta Roof, Michael450Hampton
Coss, George419Sandyston Rorhach249Newton
Coursen Family381 - 382Stillwater Rorick, Michel333Hardyston
Coursen, Jacob457 - 458Hampton Rose, George P448 bAndover
Coursen, Van Tyle392Frankford Rosenkrans, Elijah331Walpack
Couse, David458Hampton Rosenkrans, John321Walpack
Couse, John  453 - 454Hampton Ross, William 413 aSparta
Couse, John Henry453Hampton Roy, Robert I289 - 390Stillwater
Cox Family333Hardyston Roy, Stephen382Stillwater
Coykendall, Moses289Wantage Rude, Abram349Vernon
Crabtree, William349Vernon Rude, Caleb333Hardyston
Crawford, John406Sparta Rutherford, John350Vernon
Crissman, Daniel323 - 324Walpack Ryerson Family250Newton
Cuddeback, James289 290Wantage Ryerson Family392Frankford
Dalrym0ple, Squire403 - 404Frankford Ryerson, Martin & David452Hampton
Dalrymple, Andrew392Frankford Ryerson, Nicholas348Vernon
Dalrymple, John403 cFrankford Ryerson, Nicholas359 - 360Vernon
Davis Family363Montague Sausman, David250Newton
Decker Family322Walpack Sausman, Peter250Newton
Decker, Christopher364Montague Sausman, William250Newton
Decker, Henry405Sparta Schemelin, Anna Mary373 bLafayette
Decker, John B305 - 306Wantage Schofield, Thomas377aLafayette
Decker, Peter289Wantage Schoonhoven, Nicholas318Walpack
DeKay, Henry B358Vernon Schoonover, James & Peter318Walpack
DeKay, John349Vernon Scott, James333Hardyston
DeKay, Thomas347Vernon Seward, John349Vernon
Demorests, Peter372Lafayette Shafer, Casper380Stillwater
Denton, Richard S349Vernon Sharp, George373Lafayette
Depue Family418Sandyston Shay, Timothy419Sandyston
Depue, Johannes320 - 321Walpack Shea, Walter Louis333Hardyston
Dermer [No Given Name]454Hampton Sheeler, Abram443Andover
Dewitt Family289Wantage Shelley, Samuel291Wantage
Dewitt Family321Walpack Shepherd Family291 - 292Wantage
DeWitt, Evi308 - 309Wantage Shepherd, George312 aWantage
DeWitt, Jacob W309Wantage Sheppard, Robert Alexander 286 aNewton
Dewitt, John392Frankford Shimer, Abram362 - 363 Montague
Dildine Ralph438Green Shoemaker, Daniel & John324Walpack
Dimon, John321Walpack Shotwell, James401 - 402Frankford
Dingman, John318Walpack Simmons John372Lafayette
Drake, Ephriam418Sandyston Simmons, Jacob373 cLafayette
Drake, G B439 - 440Green Simonson Family347 - 348Vernon
Drake, John252Newton Simpson, Joseph349Vernon
Drake, Joseph428Green Slater, Hazlet373Lafayette
Drew, Gilbert348Vernon Smith, Adam349Vernon
Drew, William360 - 361Vernon Smith, George419Sandyston
Dunn Family290Wantage Smith, Henry 452 - 453Hampton
Dunn, Oscar313Wantage Smith, Isaac253Newton
Edsall, Benjamin349Vernon Smith, Jacob322 - 323Walpack
Edsall, James348Vernon Smith, John  322Walpack
Edsall, Richard E342 aHardyston Smith, John T252Newton
Ennes, William417Sandyston Smith, Nathan334Hardyston
Everitt Family363Montague Smith, Peter453Hampton
Everitt, Allen364 dMontague Smith, Peter469 - 470Byram
Everitt, John D420 bSandyston Smith, Philip322Walpack
Family List 1740288Wantage Smith, Samuel253Newton
Family List 1780288Wantage Smith, Samuel T470 - 471Byram
Fanrote419Sandyston Snook, Casper372Lafayette
Farber, Paul348 - 349Vernon Snook, Henry391Frankford
Farrell, Daniel A449Andover Snook, Isaac428Green
Folk, Henry416 - 417Sparta Snook, Peter443Andover
Force, Timothy348Vernon Snyder, John373Lafayette
Foster, Julius364Montague Snyder, Joseph373 aLafayette
Foster,, Lum428Green Snyder, William373 aLafayette
Fowler Family332 - 333Hardyston Space, Peter454Hampton
Fradenburgh Family363Montague Sprague, No given Name348Vernon
Freeholder Listing420Sandyston States, Mahlon B 372 - 373Lafayette
Freeholder Listing429Green Stickles, Daniel H444Andover
Freeholder's List 1875-1880393Frankford Stillwater Reformed Church - Baptisms - 1773 - 1800381Stillwater
Fuller, Eli322Walpack Stillwater Reformed Church - Marriages - 1795 - 1799381Stillwater
Garner, Silas349Vernon Stivers, Randal392Frankford
Givens, George406Sparta Stoll, John391Frankford
Goble, Robert382Stillwater Struble Family452Hampton
Green, James349Vernon Struble, Oliver458 - 459Hampton
Green, William348Vernon Struble, Thomas458 bHampton
Greer, George436 - 437Green Stuart, Daniel250Newton
Groff, William473Byram Sutton Brothers406Sparta
Gunderman, William372Lafayette Sutton, Zebulon333Hardyston
Gustin, George377Lafayette Swarts, Petrus292Wantage
Haggerty, Uzal C253Newton Symmes, John Cleves318 - 320Walpack
Haines Family332Hardyston Symmes, Timothy320Walpack
Haines. Tobias391Frankford Taxpayers - 1810462Byram
Hairlocker, Henry248Newton Timbrel, Jacob406 - 407Sparta
Halsey, Benjamin453Hampton Titsworth [Titsoord] William289Wantage
Hampton, Jonathan248Newton Tomkins, Ichabod348Vernon
Hardin , Joshua436 aGreen Tompkins, Nathan349Vernon
Hardin, Hosea J333Hardyston Tuttle, Benjamin425 - 426Sandyston
Hardin,g John443Andover VamKirk, Thomas406Sparta
Harker, Daniel381Stillwater VanAuken Family363Montague
Hart, Nathaniel427Green VanAuken, Abram Cole403 bFrankford
Hart, W H437Green VanAuken, Nathaniel323Walpack
Heborn, John349Vernon VanBlarcom, Garret406Sparta
Heminover, Anthony461Byram VanBlaren, Garret S417 bSparta
Hendershot, John459 - 460Hampton VanEtten, Thomas364Montague
Hendershott, Jacob450Hampton VanNoy, Peter & Joseph364Montague
Hibler Family427Green VanWinkle, Abram350Vernon
Hibler, Joseph444Andover Vardakin, James324 - 325Walpack
Hibler, Marshall S440Green Vibbert, Capt.349 - 350Vernon
Hibler, William444Andover Voter List - 1803462Byram
Hiles, George A286 - 287Newton Wabasse Family373 bLafayette
Hines, Benjamin443 - 444Andover Wade, Charles345Hardyston
Hoffman, Ira D312 - 313Wantage Wade, Noadiah405Sparta
Hoffman, Zachariah290Wantage Wade, Simon333Hardyston
Hopkins, David373Lafayette Wainright, Jeremiah364Montague
Hopkins, James333Hardyston Walling, Joseph349Vernon
Hornbeck Family291Wantage Walther, George344 - 345Hardyston
Hornbeck, Benjamin364 bMontague Warbasse Family251Newton
Hornbeck, Jacob E306 -307Wantage Warbasse, Joseph251Newton
Hornbeck, Joseph363Montague Warbasse, Peter372Lafayette
Hough, Thomas420Sandyston Warner, Levi419Sandyston
Hover, Emanuel318Walpack Westbrook Family362Montague
Howell, Jonah444Andover Westbrook Family419Sandyston
Huff Brothers382Stillwater Westbrook Josephus362Montague
Hull, Bemjamin324Walpack Westbrook, Jacob420 aSandyston
Hull, Bemjamin325 aWalpack Westbrook, Joseph I419Sandyston
Hull, Benjamin372Lafayette Westbrook, Soferein290Wantage
Hull, Benjamin452Hampton Westfall, Damiel363Montague
Hunt Family434Green Westfall, David364 cMontague
Hunt, Samuel H434 - 436Green Whitaker, Samuel290Wantage
Hunt, Theophilus382Stillwater Whitaker, Samuel304Wantage
Huston, Gabriel358 - 359Vernon Whiting, Elijah418Sandyston
Hynard, David349Vernon Wilhelmus ?362Montague
Iliff, William M447Andover Williams, John349Vernon
Iliff, William M448 - 449Andover Willis, Jonathan249Newton
Ingersoll, Samuel372Lafayette Wills, J Seward471 - 472Byram
Jagger, J S419Sandyston Wilson Family290Wantage
Johnson, Henry251Newton Wilson, Charles A309 - 311Wantage
Johnson, William407Sparta Wilson, Mahlon428Green
Jones, Jonathan323Walpack Winans Family347Vernon
Kaltz, John372Lafayette Wingermute, George382 - 383Stillwater
Kays, John372Lafayette Wintermute, Peter380Stillwater
Kemble, David & Gerret333Hardyston Wintermute, Thomas380 - 381Stillwater
Kennedy, Amos434Green Woolverton, Thomas427Green
Kerr, David251Newton Wyker, Philip392Frankford
Kilpatrick Family290Wantage Young, Darius427Green
Kilpatrick, Hugh Judson303 - 304Wantage Youngs, John419Sandyston
Kimble, Richard350Vernon    
Kinney, William448 aAndover    
Knight, Peter324Walpack    
Kyle, William439Green    

Collections Of The New York Genealogical And Biographical Society

Vol V - Minisink Valley Reformed Dutch Church Records, New York

Printed For The Society - 1913

In cooperation with the Genealogy Society Of Sussex County, New Jersey

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Minisink-Machackemeck Church RecordsPages
Baptisms, 1716 -171997 - 98
Baptisms & Births, 1737 - 180398 - 219
Marriages, 1738 - 1797265 - 278
Church Members, 1745 - 1791281 - 285
Minisink Church Record 
Baptisms & Births, 1805 - 1816219 - 230
Machackemeck Church Record 
Baptisms & Births, 1741 - 1769231 - 264
Marriages, 1804 - 1825278 - 280
Walpeck Church Record 
Baptisms & Births, 1741 - 1830 1 - 92
Marriages, 1741 - 176992 - 94
All Name Index289 - 349

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