OhioBiographies Project

So, you're interested incoordinatinga county page for Ohio Biographies........
Here are the requirementsfor allCC's.  Please read this entire page before e-mailing me:
1.  Links to thefollowing mustbe on every County site:  

       Ohio Biographies  

       US Biographies  

       State Coordinator's E-mail  
       that's me!  Tina Hursh  genfrog@hbcsc.net

2.  Ohio Biographies& theU.S. Biographies logos must be posted somewhere on the first page ofyoursite.  Note: The OhioBiosState logo was created by vikimouse. Please make sure to give her a credit/link from your page!   
3.  The first paragraphon the sample page must be displayedsomewhereon thefirst page of the county site. 
4.   Youmust subscribeto OHIO-BIO mailing list. This is where you let me know what newbiographiesyou have added to you site and where other project announcements aremade. Below are the instructions for subcribing to the list: 

How to subscribe.  Send amessageto 


that contains (in the body ofthe message)the command 


and no additional text. 

If you prefer digest mode,substitutethe "L" with a "D".  When you have added new biographies to yoursite,you need to post a message to the OHIO-BIO mailing list containing thelist of names so that I can keep the state bios indexcurrent.   Note:Allbiographies posted to any county site will be copied and archived byOhio Biographies.  This is needed to insure that all biographies willbefreely available to everyone for a very long time! :-) 

Otherthan the requirements listed above, this is your site to do with as youplease! 
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