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Instructions for Submitting Biographies
Please be aware that bysubmitting a biographyto the Ohio Biographies Project you have given permission forrepresentativesof the Ohio Biographies project to examine this file for the purpose ofextracting the names of individuals for indexing purposes. Biographiesmay also be edited to append the name and e-mail address of thesubmitter. 


This is first and foremost; DO NOTpost materials protected by copyright other than your own!  Anypostedbiographies found to be protected by a copyright of someone other thanthe submitter must be removed from all Ohio and/or county Biographypages. Books and biography collections printed prior to 1922 are generally notprotected by copyright and are considered to be in the publicdomain. Photo static re-prints or duplications of pre-1922 works are notprotectedby current copyright.  The short story here is: Make sure yoursourcebooks are pre-1922 originals, or re-prints or copies of pre-1922originals. Make sure all original works are accompanied by your copyright notice,which is at the least the word "copyright", your name, and thedate. 

You can also write a biography of your own!  All you needis theWho, What, Where, and When. If you are able to, try to include somepersonalinfo about the individual.  What did he/she do for a living? Did they belong to any groups or clubs?  Any hobbies? What churchdid they attend? The little extras help to fill out the biography andmakesit not  just about names and dates. Of course, names and dates arealways good. ; )    Check out this samplebiography that I wrote for one of my Ohio ancestors .  Makesure alloriginal          works are accompanied by your copyright notice, which is at the leasttheword  "copyright", your name, and the date. 

Nowyou are ready to Submit your Biography!
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