Texas Biographies Project
County Coordinator

If you are interested in adopting a county for the Texas Biographies Project, please read these requirements for all Texas County Web Pages.
1.  Each county page must include these three links:
Texas Biographies Project web site http://www.usbiographies.org/~texas./index.html
U.S. Biographies Project web site http://www.usbiographies.org/
Texas State Coordinator's e-mail radway@apex2000.net

2.  The first page of the county web page must include the two logos (above), one each for:

3.  Each county page should have two lists, one each for:

5.  Each county should have instructions on how to submit biographies for the county page. A good example should be included in the instructions.

6.  Unless you have your own web page, submit biographies to your Texas state coordinator, Cindy Radway.

7.  If you have your own web page, don't forget to send a copy of each biography to your state coordinator,
Cindy Radway.

7.  Copies of all biographies will be placed in an archive of Texas Biographies so that they will be available to the public for a very long time.

7.  Know what you can post and what you can not.  DO NOT post any materials (other than your own) which are protected by copyright! 

Use materials in these categories:

Any posted biographies found to be protected by a copyright of someone other than the submitter must be removed from both Texas and county Biographies pages.