Ettie Adkins was born at Lampasas, Texas in 1868.  She was the daughter of Dr. J. N. and Josephine Adkins.  Her father was the first physician in that area and had settled there after his discharge from the Confederate Army.
    Ettie's constant companion during her childhood was her brother Joe.  After her graduation from Centennary College, she followed Joe and his family to Brady where she taught "Elocution."  She later studied in Philadelphia and worked on a Chautauqua Circuit.
After working many years as a dietician, she worked for the Austin State School for the Blind and for John Sealey Hospital in Galveston.
    In her later years, she wrote and published her life story in a book, One Texas Old Maid.  She died in 1943 and is buried in Lampasas.

Information from a family sketch that appeared in
McCulloch County History, Vol. II, 1980
Compiled by Wayne Spiller
Submitted by Louann Hall