William Stone Allen was born in Tennessee on November 10, 1824.  He married Martha J. Jennings on July 27, 1851, the sixteen year-old daughter of John and Sarah C. (Harris) Jennings.  Martha "Debo" was born on December 15, 1834.
    The basic data for listing their children came from the Allen family Bible record, 1860, 1870, 1880 census records of Burnet County, Martha's history data from C. A. Newton and Cleo Russell, and from information supplied by Jennie (Burns) Stockwell of Brady, Vivian (Allen) Clevenger, and Inez (Schooley) Clevenger of Voca:
    1. Willie Ann, born January 22, 1854 in Texas; m. on July 12, 1869 to Josiah "Joe" Altman.
    2.  Samuel R., b. January 13, 1856, d. July 4, 1877 who married (according to Bible records) Fine Sims. They had one child, William A., born November 1876.  According to Debo she was "Mrs. Martha Rufinia (Fine) Allen when she married her second husband, Franklin Davenport Schooley.
    3.  Sarah Frances who was born July 18, 1857 and died in January 24, 1945.  She was married to U. W. Burns.
    4. Maranda (Bible record spelling) was born on January 10, 1858 and married W. C. "Bill" Hunt.
    5.  George Washington was born in Burnet County on June 15, 1860 and died on November 27, 1934.  He married Cephronia Caledonia "Dona: Willis, daughter of James Marcus and Mary Jane (Park) Willis on August 4, 1878.  The George W. Allen family lived in the Voca Community from 1885 to 1895.
    6.  Armantha C., was born September 27, 1862 and died in 1928 in Bell County, Texas.  she was married to Ben F. Gother who also died in 1928.
    7.  William R. was born on December 2, 1864 and died on May 14, 1879.
    8.  John C., was born February 23, 1867 and died March 24, 1868.
    9.  Eoena J. was born March  4, 1868 and died January 7, 1884 when she burned to death.  She was married to W. W. "Wes" Hall.
    10.  Thomas was born June 16, 1870 and married Fanny O. Cobb.
    11.  Martha Jane (called Jennie) was born July 22, 1872 and married J. L. Lemons.
    12.  J.H. "Harve" was born April 16, 1875 and married (1) Annie M. Lemons and (2) Annie_________.  He died on October 13, 1955.
    13.  Millie was born March 30, 1877 and married A. Q. Hennington.
    14.  Infant (Family tradition only - no Bible record.) died with its mother in childbirth. The Bible record death-date for Martha (Jennings) Allen was November 11, 1882.
    The next year following Martha's death, William Stone married a young widow near 32 years his junior by the name of Sarah Prudence (Brookshire) Morrow, a mother with three young children. Prudie was born near Eureka Springs, Ark. on December 26, 1856. She died on October 31, 1939 and is buried beside her husband in the Voca Cemetery.
    Children of William S. and Prudence were:
    1. Ephraim J., called "Eph" who was born December 5, 1884 and married Sally J. Andrews.
    2.  Noah Stone, born November 13, 1886 and who died on august 25, 1940.  He was married to Annie Viola "Ola" Brown.
    3.  E. L. who was born April 5, 1889 and died April 11, 1889.
    4.  Barbara L. who was born January 20, 1891 and died accidentally under the wheels of her parents' wagon on October 11, 1995.
    5. Uriah Truman, born November 29, 1892 and died October 17, 1940.  He was married to Blanch B. Burns. (The 1900 census of McCulloch erroneously lists her as a daughter.)
    6.  Nancy Evelyn "Evie", born January 23, 1895.  She married Oscar Danielson on July 19, 1914.

Information from a family sketch that appeared in
McCulloch County History, Vol. II, 1980
Compiled by Wayne Spiller
Submitted by Louann Hall