The following brief biographical data on some of Melvin, Texas families was secured and submitted by Mrs. Raymond Murray for McCulloch County History, Vol. I, compiled by Wayne Spiller, 1976.  Special thanks to the McCulloch County Historical Museun directors and board members, who hold the copyright, for giving permission for this information to be reprinted.

    John Monroe Alsdorf, born in Michigan, son of Frank Augustus and Mary Harriet (Holmes) Alsdorf, born in Michigan, whose forebears cane frin Germany in the 1700's.
    John M. Alsdorf fought in the Philippind Insurrection.  His daughter, Ruth, married Eric Holmquist, who came to the United States, and to Melvin in 1927 from Sweden.

  Mrs. Raymond Murray
McCulloch County History, Vol. I
Compiled by Wayne Spiller

Submitted by: Louann Hall