McCulloch County History Vol. I
   Compiled by Wayne Spiller  1976

      Percy, son of Frederick George Appleton, was born in San Jose, California, on 14 January 1859.   About 1866 the F. G. Appleton family returned, by way of the Isthmus of Panama, to their former home in Philadelphia, where lived F. G.ís parents.  They were natives of England.
    After a visit with his parents, F. G. Appleton and family removed to Aurora, Indiana, where he became a merchant  Percy attended Rutgers College in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
    On leaving Indiana, Percy Appleton and his father migrated to Texas and bought land in Kimble County and at Camp San Saba in McCulloch.
    Percy married in Brady, Texas, on 7 June 1885, Alice May Simpson.  She was born at Caldwell, Texas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Simpson, 3 June 1879, and removed with them to Camp San Saba in 1877.  George Simpson operated a general store in Camp San Saba and he also raised cattle.
    The Appletons lived first in Kimble County, but removed to Camp San Saba in 1898 in order to send their children to school.
    Percy Appleton, a music lover, played the piano.
    Percy died 22 January 1930 and Mrs. Appleton on 6 September 1946.  Prior to her death, she gave the first park on the San Saba River at Camp San Saba in memory of her husband.
    Their children were: Gertrude, who died young; Lillian, who married Ed Riverburg; Grace A., who married Ed Williams; Lucille, who married M. J. Bean; and sons, Fred, Donald, and Raymond.

McCulloch County History Vol. I
     Compiled by Wayne Spiller  1976
Submitted by: Louann Hall