The following brief biographical data on some of Melvin, Texas families was secured and submitted by Mrs. Raymond Murray for McCulloch County History, Vol. I, compiled by Wayne Spiller, 1976.  Special thanks to the McCulloch County Historical Museun directors and board members, who hold the copyright, for giving permission for this information to be reprinted.

    Robert Stewart Armstead, born at Marianne, Florida, 17 April 1847; died at Melvin, Texas, 26 April 1926; m. in 1878, Virginia Whiteley, who was born in Bell County, Texas, 23 February 1861.  She died in Melvin 12 August 1948.
    His parents were Mary (Barker) and W. J. Armstead, born in the Carolinas.
    Robert and Virginia Armstead came to Texas in 1904, settling first at Paint Rock, removing to Melvin in 1907, where he worked on area ranches, including the Noyes and Melvin.  They bought a farm three miles east of Melvin.
    1. Alice, b. 26 June 1881, m. Harmon Mixover;
    2. Robert, b. 1 October 1886, m. Dora Neve;
    3. Hint F., b. 18 September 1889, m. Anola McGaughey;
    4. Emma, b. 9 December 1891, m. Velma alford;
    5. W. J., b. 7 May 1894, m. Charlotte Partin;
    6. David B., b. 17 August 1896, m. Velma Alford;
    7. Lida Baker, b. 27 August 1900, m. J. R. Wahrumund.

    Mrs. Raymond Murray
McCulloch County History, Vol. I
Compiled by Wayne Spiller
Submitted by: Louann Hall