"At the end of each sketch, to the extent possible, is shown the source and date of original publication.  There are numerous sketches from the Fannie O. Jones Scrap Book.  These will be identified by the term, 'FOJ Collection'. In some cases, dates of publication were unavailable."  Wayne Spiller , Compiler of McCulloch County History, Vol. I.   1976

    Albert Behrens, 72, another native Texan, ws born March 29, 1864, in Mason County.  In 1891 he moved to McCulloch, settling at Voca where he has made his home ever since.  He was married to Miss Lina Otte, and this union was blessed with fifteen children, of whom seven girls and six boys survive.  There are Mrs. Jess Boggs and Mrs. Joe Holloway, and Misses Marie, Dora, and Hulda, all of Voca, Mrs. Ray Sullivan, Richland Springs, Mrs. Oscar Stiles, Cold Creek, Llano County, and Ed, Walter, Alfred and Henry Behrens of Voca, and Fritz Behrens of Fort Worth.
    Starting at the tender age of 11 years, Mr. Behrens for twelve years wa engaged in the freighting business.  He hauled freight from Austin to San Antonio, from San Antonio to Fort McKavett and Fort Concho, and also from Abilene to these forts.  All freighting was done with teams, and it took a day to make a 20-mile haul, while several days were required to make any of the foregoing trips.
    For many years, Mr. Behrens has engaged in raising fine fruit, in addition to his farming operations, and his place is one of the most productive in the south part of McCulloch County.

            FJO Collection
The Brady Standard in 1936
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