McCulloch County History, Vol. I    1976
Wayne Spiller

    A native of Burleson County, Texas, he married in 1905, the young widow of Robert McGrew, Annie Mae, born Smith.
    She, daughter of Elihue Smith, had a young son, Robert.
    Barbara Ann Bodenhamer, granddaughter of Tom and annie, and daughter of Bill, wrote of her Bodenhamer forebears in 1955:
    "Around 1690 the Bodenhamers came to America from Holland and settled as a colony in North Carolina.  This colony was the first to declare for American Independence.  A declaration is said to have been drawn up and signed May 20, 1776...
    "The Bodenhamer settlement became known as Mecklenburg County.  This information was written by Dr. David S. Bodenhamer who was [resident of Trinity University of Waxahachie for thirty-one years.  He was also a Presbyterian minister.
    "My great-great-great grandfather, Peter Bodenhamer, was born in this settlement several years after the American Revolutiohn.  It was there he grew up and married Nancy Gause.  They later moved to Nashville, Tennessee.
    "They had three children - Nancy, William Gause, and Sarah.
    "William Gause Bodenhamer, my great-great grandfather was born on December 4m 1816.  He and his wife, Martha Elis, who was born and reared in Nashville, moved to Lee County Mississippi five years after their marriage.
    "They had six children-Dee, Charlie, Dick, William Franklin, Sally, and Molly.  Dee, Charlie and William moved to Texas, and Dick moved to Eldorado, Arkansas after they finished school.  Dee and Charlie settled in Lampasas.  William settled in Burleson County.  The two girls later married and brought their families to Texas.
    "William married Christiana Oldham on August 19, 1872, and to this union were born five children, Cora Allen, Laura Elizabeth, William Hiller, Thomas Lee and Sarah Christiana.  William and his family became residents of McCulloch County in 1908.
     "Thomas Lee Bodenhamer, my grandfather, was born in Burleson County on March 12, 1883.  On New Year's day, 1905, he proposed to Mrs. Annie Mae Smith McGrews on the train between Brady and Brownwood.  They were married the same day.
    "They had six children:  Elton Lee, Jewel Mae, William Henry, James Gordon, Ruby Francis (who died at age four), and Wilda Christine."
    Barbara's parents, "Snooks" Hallmark and "Bill" Bodenhamer wee married 12 February 1937.
    Barbara's grandfather, Hallmark was descended from Aalaxe Craft of Tennessee and Dallas County, Texas, a captain in the Confederate Army.  And from Arnold and Misnor Atkinson of Birmingham, Alabama and Grayson County, Texas, who later held extensive ranching interests between Blufton, Texas and Llano.
    Barbara speaks also of the Indian blood in her Atkinson ancestry.
(For her Smith ancestry, see the Elihue Woodall sketch.)

    McCulloch County History, Vol. I    1976
Wayne Spiller
Submitted by: Louann Hall